The grass swayed elegantly, the sun looked down on me, making my hair look ginger. I looked up at the cloud above, they hovered past me. My guitar lay next to me. I closed my eyes and let nature take over me. It was weird living on my own, no mom to shout at me telling me to do my homework. Or dad shouting at me to clean out the garage. It felt right but wrong in so many ways, I didn't know what to do with my life any more. I had just given up; it was unlikely I was going to get a music contract anyway.

"Hi, are you Alex?" A sweet mysterious voice asked. I looked up and there was a girl, she was about five foot four and she had long curly silky brown hair. She was beautiful like a lost goddess.  I hesitated.

"Oh, hi" I stumbled up to shake her hand; I quickly brushed the grass of my shoulder.

"I'm Kasha, I'm your new room mate" The words rang through my head again and again. Her vivid green eyes pierced through me. Boys weren't aloud to have dorms with girls, sure she was hot but still it wasn't right. The campus was really quite, it was like just me and her were on the planet, no one else. It was empty everyone had gone to the field trip. I didn't bother going, never really been a big fan of technology. I didn't want to make a fool of my self, so I didn't bother having a long conversation.

"Cool, I'll sow you to our dorm then" I grabbed my guitar off the grass. This was going to be the best summer ever. She had a white dress, and black pumps. But she looked different from other girl, more beautiful. Her olive toned skin flushed read when I tapped her shoulder. She turned around; she had a pile of books in her hand.

"Can I ask what I girl like you is doing her?" I asked trying not to be rude that was a weak point. She had such a mysterious personality, she invited me in.

"Hiding" She said, she carried on walking. Who was she? Why was she hiding?. I frowned as she walked past me; there was soft sunflower smell to her. I walked in front of and led the way. We walked pasted the old building, there was only a few people who stayed behind. Question rang through my head about Kasha. Once I got to my door, I fished around for my keys. I felt a sharp metal bit in my pocket. I tightly griped the key in the clammy hands. I fiddled around and opened my door. There were piles of mess on the floor, and music papers every where.

"Crap" I mumbled. She laughed like an angel, it was so in tune. I looked at the floor which was full of papers, filing the room, Kasha looked around the room.

"Where's my bed?" I pointed at the bed in the fair corner.

"No bag?" I asked leaning against my bed.

"Nope" She said smiling. I looked at the floor again then her.

"Can you sing?" I asked her with a huge gin on my face. This summer was about to get much better!

The End

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