It wasn't long until I got to the top of the mountain. I spread my arms wide and breathed in the clear, crisp air. The first few drops of rain landed on my cheeks and merged with the tears that were already there. I laughed and listened to the echo.

"HELLO!" I shouted and the mountains replied. I jumped and screamed and splashed in puddles, blinded by tears and rain. I felt more free than I ever had before.

When I heard a quiet chuckle I stopped and rubbed my eyes. Standing before me was a man. He was tall and tanned. His brown hair flopped over his eyes and he flashed a cheeky grin at me.

"Having fun?" He was mocking me. Great. I glared at him and turned to leave.

"Wait! I'm sorry!" He laughed, "My name is Tyson, what's yours?" I studied him suspiciously and decided he looked harmless.

"Casey" I said.

The End

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