I woke early the next morning and put on yesterdays clothes. There was a note on the dresser. It said -

'We've gone back to the house because you were asleep. Copper will bring you home. We'll see you there.

Love Mum, Dad & Chace'

I stuffed it into my pocket, briefly wondering who Copper was, and made my way out of the room. On the other side of the door was a living room. A short and stubby man, who I assumed was Copper, had his back to me and was cooking, He seemed to feel my presence for he turned around with a broad smile.

"Hello!" He beamed "Are you better now? Good good. Come, sit and eat, you must be hungry. Oh, I am sorry, how rude of me, I am Copper, Miss Casey." He bowed low and gestured for me to sit down. He was a peculiar little man, he looked gruff but his smile lit up the whole room. I ate a huge breakfast that morning and was glad of it for my journey was to be long. Copper dropped me home and said goodbye, still grinning from ear to ear. Inside it was quiet. Too quiet. I made my way to Dad's study. He and Mum wer inside looking grave.

"Mum, Dad? What's wrong?" They exchanged a glance.

"They've taken Chace. They want the Rose. If we don't give it to Them, They'll do what they did last time. What they did to Noah." I took a step back then looked at the pictures on Dad's desk. Noah was my other brother.

They took him and threatened to kill him. Mum and Dad didn't believe Them so wouldn't give them the Rose but they carried out their word and hung him.

Sylvia and Brosque came to tell us, triumphant. They still didn't have what they wanted though. Dad's voice broke into my thoughts, "We found this" he said, and he dropped a necklace into my hand. It had a C on it. For Casey. It was the necklace I'd given Adrian for his 14th birthday. Before we knew how serious the fighting was. Before they killed my brother. I screamed and threw the necklace with such force across the room, it left a mark on the wall. I ran up to my room and started throwing things into a bag. Mum hammered on the door but I'd locked it.

"Leave her" I heard Dad say and so she did. I heard them go downstairs.

Once I was sure they had gone, I climed out of the window and down the trellis. I made my way to the apple tree and wasn't surprised to see Summer still waiting for me.

"Good luck. If you need me, hold tight on this and think of me." She kissed my forehead and pressed a smooth, round stone into my hand She led me to a small rowing boat and bundled me in.

"You will not need to row. This boat will take you safely across." As she was talking, she fastened something around my neck. It was a necklace with a C hanging from it. Adrian's.

The End

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