My first story I'm publishing on protagonize - It's very complicated and it's just something that keeps puring out, I started it ages ago and more keeps coming! The main character is Casey and new characters are always being introduced, tell me if the plot gets too confusing and if I need to slow it down a bit.

"I wanted to help you! You know I did!" I looked away. The sun was just coming up. He'd go soon. He took my hand but I shook him off.

"Casey. Look at me" he pleaded, but I couldn't. A gong sounded. The signal I'd been waiting for.

"You must go now. Goodbye Adrian." I turned and walked into the trees, tears streaming down my face. When I knew I was out of sight, I started to run. I ran and ran and only stopped when I was on the verge of collapsing.

"Well done Casey. Come home now, Casey. Come home." Our fairies were talking to me. They wanted me back but I wasn't ready yet. I felt their presence fading. I wandered aimlessly in no paritcular direction until I got the feeling I was being followed. I stopped and walked around in a circle but could see nothing so carried on.

"Wrong way. Your home is that way, love." I spun around. The most beautiful woman was standing before me. She had big blue eyes and long, glossy black hair. I'd never seen her before.

"Who are you?" I stammered. She smiled.

"I am Summer. Sorry if I startled you, I mean no harm."

"Well . . . what do you want then?" I demanded, pulling myself up.

"I only wish to help you. You were unhappy. I wanted to make sure you got home safely. These woods are filled with dangers." She took a step closer to me, hesitantly, When she saw I was no longer afraid, she came and stood in front of me.

"What is it you want, love?" she asked softly. I looked at my shoes "I don't know" I whispered. I also didn't know why I was still talking to this stranger. She could be anyone. She could be one of THEM.

"I'm not" she said. I gasped "Not what?"

"One of Them" Summer was now scowling at me "or, one of You" I took a step back. I contemplated running but she smirked. I could do nothing now but hope she would not hurt me.

"I won't" she said and her voice rang with honesty and her eyes were wide and innocent. I tried to say something but I passed out.

"Is she ok?"

"She'll be fine"

"Mum" I croaked.

"Oh honey, your ok! Mummy's here" her cool hands traced my face. I opened my eyes to get a look at where I was. Mum was standing next to me and I was in a big, four poster bed. The room was small with horrible wallpaper and bitty carpet. There was a table at the end of the bed with food on it. My belly growled. I heard a low chuckle . I looked to my left and there was Chace, sitting in an uncomfortable looking armchair. He grinned, flashing his brilliant white teeth. I laughed but it turned into a racking cough. I was given a glass of water.

"We'll leave you to sleep now" Mum said and tiptoed out of the room. Chace tweaked my nose and followed. I sank back onto the pillow and tried to remember what happened before I passed out. I closed my eyes. Pain. Alone. And that beautiful woman.

"Summer" my eyes snapped open. There she was standing at the foot of my bed. Everything came flooding back.

"Must you creep up on me?" I exclaimed and sighed, exhasperated. Summer smirked. "I wasn't finished with you. Silly gir. You HAD to pass out, didn't you? Anyway, your in a better mood now so we can talk properly. I need you to do something for me." I looked suspiciously at her. I tried to say no but her face suddenly looked so childlike, I faltered. Her eyes brightened. I said yes.

"It's something you must get for me. A moonstone. My sister has it but won't give it to me. I can't go and get it for they are on the look-out for me but you could" Here, she paused, letting me take it all in. I nodded slowly and said "Where does she live?"

"Over the lake and beyond Morgan Mountain. She resides in a small cottage at the bottom of the mountain and the village is lower still.

"When shall I go?

"As soon as possible"

"Fine. I'll leave tomorrow morning. I'll meet you by the apple tree, by the lake." Summer nodded, then looking around, she vanished. I snuggled under the duvet to sleep.

The End

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