Party Time

After the funeral, I went straight home, and collapsed in front of my computer. I logged on to Twitter. Up came my username, "Chris". I didn't like flouncy usernames, like, "Awesome Chris" or "Rockstar" or "I love my baby boo soooooooooo much". I was JUST Chris.

My page loaded up and I slowly started to type.

"Hi guys. I'm having a party on the 10th. Anyone interested? It's in memory of Sam Beechen, who died last week. He loved his bevvy, so there'll be loads there! Twit me if you're up for it!"

I stopped for a moment, looking up at the screen. I could just see my reflection in the computer screen. My greasy hair. Green eyes. My eyes were still a little bloodshot from the tears. I'd cried a bit at the funeral.

Not that I'd done much else there. I'd just sat at the back, saying nothing. It was Nicola who'd seen Sam's body and given him the necklace and stuff.


She looked so sexy when she was sad....


"Did I just think that?" I thought. She was my best friend's girlfriend. My DEAD best friend's girlfriend! I couldn't think stuff like that!

But then again, it might be a good thing, this party. She would be on her own anyway, not with Sam. It had... hurt me so much when they'd started dating, they'd been all over each other. The whole point of the party was to tell her how I still felt.

And now he was gone, maybe... just maybe... we might go somewhere.

I clicked the little "Post" symbol, and my comment was up.

"Roll on the 10th" I thought, a tiny smile on my face.

The End

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