Summer 09

It's a teenage fiction novel; about how a girl's life is totally turned around one summer when her boyfriend dies. A lot of stuff happens; I'll leave that up to you!

I tapped my fingers on the desk impatiently. In front of me, the dull French film was drawing to a close. It was one of those weird movies with subtitles at the bottom and actors I'd never heard of. I'd lost track of the plot about half an hour ago. Which is funny, because it had only been on for twenty-five minutes...

The clock on the wall ticked slowly, dragging the seconds hand along at an alarmingly laborious pace. I glanced around at the rest of the class. Yep, all as bored as I was. Only Mel was paying any attention to the movie, she sat bolt upright in her chair, her eyes  glued to the tiny screen. Jammy, (real name James) on the other hand, was slouched and staring out the window. I turned my head to look behind me. Sam was looking at me. He smiled a lopsided little smile and  grinned back like a muppet. He almost laughed, but managed to keep a straight face...


The bell! Oh thank God, the bell! We were all alive now. The room exploded with noise as we rammed jotters into bags, scraped back chairs, put away dictionaries, put on jackets. Sam got out of his seat and reached forward to tug on my hair.

"Ow!" I yelped, as he pulled my ponytail, "that hurt!"

"Soz babes," he grinned, "you just looked like you were daydreaming there."

"I was," I replied, "about the bell going off and us all going home and doing absolutely nothing for 6 weeks!" I followed this with a "Whoop!"

"Thank God!" Sam groaned. Behind him, I could see Mel putting her satchel on her shoulder and coming over. She grinned at the two of us.

"Did you see the end of that movie?" she squealed.

"No," Sam sniggered.

"That was a rhetorical question, "Mel bit back, "anyway, it was so sad! But then, I wouldn't expect anything less from Laurent Beligione."

"Who?" I asked

"The director, "she replied. "And did you see that shot, right at the beginning, when Luc is crying in the prison cell because Mari-anne's broke up with him?" I let her babble on about actors and directors and camera shots. Mel's an absolute gem, yeah, but MY GOD can she talk!

By this time, Jammy was finally ready to go. So was Chris, Sam's best friend. Chris is quite a tall guy, at least 6 foot. Blonde hair. Green eyes. And one of those infectious smiles that just makes you want to grin along like a Cheshire cat. Jammy's different. He's shorter and a bit, shall we say, podgy. But he's a great guy. And then there's Sam. Or, there WAS Sam...

Anyway, it took ages for everyone to get out. But when Miss Clavelle opened the door, and we all went running downstairs, whooping and cheering... I've never felt so free. I rushed down the three flights of stairs, skipping two-at-a-time, with Sam gripping my hand. Jammy laughed, Chris smiled, and Mel screamed. Down the stairs, through the corridor and out the front door we ran, joining the huge crowd of 500 others.

Mel latched her skinny arms around me in a bear hug.

"Have an awesome holiday!" she said,

"Will do!" I replied, hugging her back.

"Are you coming to the Chris's party?" she asked.

I let go of her and prised her arms from my neck, "what party?" I said.

"Chris's sixteenth," she said, "it's in two weeks time, remember!"

Then it hit me. DUH! Chris had been going on about it for WEEKS! It was going to be the party of the summer, he said. Everyone was going on about his parent's liberal attitude to underage drinking, and how bladdered they'd all get.

"Course!" I smiled, "I'll be there!" She gave me one last hug, then ran off. Chrisgrinned at Sam and I, then left to catch his bus. Jammy went to get sweets from the shop down the road. So it was me and Sam left.

"Well, have a great holiday." he mumbled, pulling me closer to him. His muscular arms wrapped around my waist. He dipped his head down towards mine, and our lips met. I closed my eyes; thinking only of the kiss.  A stran of his chestnut-coloured hair flopped in front of his face and tickled my nose. Sam reluctantly drew his lips back from mine.

"I've got a bus to catch," he said,

"But I'll miss you!" I pouted, holding on to his arm. "I mean, I might not see you until the party..."

"Oh, we'll meet up before that!" Sam assured me. The corners of his mouth drew up into a little smile, and his blue eyes sparked with happiness.

"That boy really does love me" I thought. He kissed me again, urgently this time. His lips pressed on mine, then the tip of his tongue flicked into my mouth. I returned the gesture until we were sharing each other's mouths like an island. We were a little island of our own... we didn't need anything else.

Once again, Sam retreated. "I'm seriously gonna be late," he warned.

"Ok," I sighed, letting go of him, "text me later!"

"Will do!" he shouted, as he was already half way down the street. I waved.

"Oh, and Nicola..." he yelled.

"Yeah?" I shouted.

"I love you!" he replied. And he stepped out onto the road...

The Fiat Punto didn't get a second to stop. Sam had already ran top the middle of the road. His legs collapsed under him as the car hit his side. He flipped onto the bumper, then slid back down to the tarmac. Limp. And all I could do was stand at the corner , frozen. My arms glued themselves to my sides. My whole mind just went off. 

The End

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