In the selection Miranda has a episode with her friend Megan. Megan, has been on a religious commitment kick. Miranda doesn't get it, she doesn't understand. For people its easier for them to get angry about what they don't understand then to be calm and look into it. This is what Miranda is doing. I can relate to what Megan is going through, with nobody understanding what is important to me.

The character reacts to the conflict in a bland way. Also seems to be unhappy and concerned along with the rest of her family. She shows distress about her friends and their well being. She and her brother Johnny have to make decisions based on school. Then her whole family begins a trend of impoliteness.

I don't agree with the way that Miranda is reacting to Megan. I think that Miranda is being inconsiderate of Megans feelings and beliefs. Saying “I hate your God” is so disrespectful towards not only God but Megan. I think friends should respect each other enough to not say hateful things such as that.

The events that occur in the novel connect the events in the world today because people are preparing for the world to end just like in the book. They are called doomsday Preppers, they stock up on food so they can survive whenever the world starts to come to an end. In the book they characters are stocking up on a vast variety of foods because there have been major signs of the world coming to an end.

I personally did not find anything challenging in the series of chapters. But did find it hard to listen to someone bashing God. But it does address an important aspect of how people prepare differently, and how people's moods, attitudes, and over all personality change under stress. It changes your perspective of life when you think it is going to shortly end.

As the chapters go by I still have the same overview of the book. It doesn't entertain me much, the characters are not really relatable to today's world and society. I just personally think it was poorly written and thought out. The chapters are also very long and spread out but the content is not intriguing.

If I were in the same situation I would try to stay true to myself and keep myself together. Knowing that my family would be pretty frantic I would try to be as calm as possible for the sake of my loved ones sanity. I would also seek into other people's well being and try to help them in their life and try to consult and counsel with them.

The End

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