In the book life as we knew it we see the life of a girl named Miranda unfold before her. As we read along us as readers notice that Miranda is very opinionated and very much a teen girl. The story displays a sequence of events that “ruin” the world. The moon has changed it tilt as had messed with the ocean tides leaving tsunamis to wreck the nation. Today we might connect the tragedies with terrorists those bad being leave many folks not just in America worried.


Terrorist may not have physically harmed us but they have left a mental bruise. Pfeffer uses a unique style of writing to keep the reader's attention. Using “journal” format has always made a book seem more interesting to me personally. In the story Miranda the protagonist seems to follow in others foot steps. On page thirty one she says “I took two 50’s out, and tossed them in the same general direction.” Something I myself wouldn’t do following the group decisions doesn’t seem smart in this type of situation.  I would rather follow my own madness and worry than others.


The text very much contrasts my opinion in a such a way that some of the ideas or use of language anger me. Sometimes Pfeffer’s word choice seems almost incorrect. Her choice of wording seems to appear incorrect until read once more. On the other hand her style does seem to keep me interested. Or even catch details that didn’t make sense the first time. It’s something to consider and it is a unique technique to observe. It might even appear in my next writing piece.


In enjoy the text very much so. So much to the point that I have read ahead. The pace we are reading keeps you on the edge of your seat. So many details are left at the end of a chapter and continued to the beginning of the next. The novel is always interesting there is never a dull moment. The book is based on an extravagant topic which makes for both interesting dialogue and plot. The book seems to never lose its spark each page is full of new discoveries.

The End

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