My eye's flashed open from the sunlight that beamed into them . Kary came marching into my room once again holding Anna . 

" Get up ! Its eight o clock , " Kary said throwing a baby toy at me . 

" Yeah it's fucking eight o clock ? Get out , " I yelled throwing the toy back at her .  

" Get up now ! " Kary screamed then slammed my door .

"Bitch," I whispered under my breath . I jumped out of my bed and I threw on my clothes and rushed downstairs .  I saw my mother standing over the counter holding a paper . 

"What's this ? " She said handing me the paper .  I glared at the paper .

" Oh shit ,  I didn't think I did that bad on the test ! " I said laughing . 

" Watch your mouth young lady , and no more computer for a week ! " My mother yelled . 

"Mhm , whatever " I said . I sat down at the table with Jason and Kary . 

" Where were you last night ? " I asked Jason . 

" Well I was with Shelby , partying . " He said winking .

" Pff , lucky you , " I said rolling my eyes . 

" Yeah , so why you up so early , " Jason asked me . 

" Well , Kary thought she would be a bitch and wake me up at eight o clock on a Saturday ! " I said punching Kary lightly in the arm . Jason began laughing . 

" Anyways , I'm going to the park , " I said giving my mother a kiss good-bye and then slamming the door shut . I began to run down the street until I reached Greenwood Park .  I told Dalice to meet me here at nine yesterday . I sat down on the swing and I began to swing .  Swings had always scared me ever since I fell off when I was five years old , but I like the sick feeling it gives me .  Hours later Dalice finally showed up . 

" Ginelle ! How long where you here ! " He said staring me in the eyes . 

" Three hours " I said staring at nothing . 

"Oh my god ! I'm so sorry! " Dalice said trying to get me off the swing . I fell off the swing landing on my knee's and I began to throw up . 

" Ginelle, Whats wrong ?" He said rubbing my back . 

" I'm scared of swings , " I said throwing up after that sentence . 

The End

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