chapter three

Between all the school hours and home lives, there has always been time for my friends.Even if it means being in the midde of everyone else. They have their friends, who I am willing to see. With that akward silence everytime. Exspically with Pattyn. Jayson's girlfriend.

She is pretty and envious. With her deep hazel eyes and long straberry hair. Olive toned skin tops it off. And not to mention her bubbly and sweet personality is never ending. The opposite of mine. No wonder he is head over heels. So am I. With him.

But he is taken and I'm the third, fouth, and fifth wheel. It's as sad as it seems. But today is Friday, our day. Just Jayson, Kaylee and I. Usually we go to the movies or bowling. Ethier one is always good. I guess today is different. We go out to dinner, unusual.

I guess something big is happening.

" Hello love" Jayson says to both of us.
"My goodness what a gentleman your being tonight. Planning something?" Kaylee said.
"Oh please, I can't take my two friends out?"
"No" Kaylee and I said at the same time. Here comes a waterfall of laughter. My stomach knots up, tightning with every laugh I let out.

"Well I guess you two can pay"
"Awh, Jayson, I think this is very nice." I say hugging him. I love him.
" Well, thanks". He smiles. That crooked smile. I melt. Melt. Melt.

The restaurant was dark, moodful. But in a good way. Beautiful maroon roses are everywhere. I feel a little under dressed. With just a black skirt and peach colored shirt. Combat boots were my shoes for the night. But we are only teenaers, no one expects us to dress up to eat food. Right?

This place looks familiar. But I can't figure out how. I think I was little when I came here. With my dad. Dear old daddy brought me for my birthday. Just me and him. Father, daughter bonding. Now he is gone. I feel the tears welling up. I hope no one notices.

Jayson does. Like always. He pulls me aside. Hugging me and whispering to me " Its okay" Over and over again. But its not. All these reminders are grueling. But he helps me through them. Everytime.

The End

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