chapter two

School. Lockers, over-crowded halls, and bathroom stalls that reek. This is what I get for being fifteen. Forced to walk into the sinking doorways. Into my own hell. Six hours or nonstop notes and teacher's word cramming into my skull. Watching notes pass back and forth. Worded paper dancing until the clock tolls two. Hearing whispered rumors, and hate filled gossip. But having my friends to ride along make things better. Even if I only have two.

Jayson Lee Carson. The person I live for. The boys that always puts a smile on my face. He calls me beautiful everyday and I call him gorgeous. Phrases that mean everything to us but, means gossip for our peers. When I see him my heart races. His warm embrace keeps me tickled. I envy my dreams. And his girlfriend.

And then there is Kaylee Rose. My best friend. Soul sister. We have our secrets locked in out minds. Never letting them out. Our fellow peers have tried to rip us apart, but have always failed. Almost as if we were gorilla glued to each other.

That day we walk down the hall. The three of us holding hands and laughing. Getting stared from the boys and giggles from the girls. But we keep walking. In our own little world.

"Look, more colorful paper to cover these boring walls" Jayson whispered to Kaylee and me.
"Hm, we have to brighten these dreary walls with something. Right?" Kaylee replied. I simply nod my head.

" Maybe we can bring some paint" Jayson laughs out.
"Don't be stupid" I said.
" Oh Leanne, have I've told you lately how much I loved you?"
"Everyday" I smile. He smiles back.

The End

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