Suicide KissMature

a music video film.

kinda based in Amsterdam/Weed Legal. starts off scanning the legal coffee shop. and finds this pretty girl, gothic girl(an option) enjoying her coffee and waffles.
the boy(gothic option) enters the shop (diling diling) sits down at the bar orders a coffee, he checks out the place and notices the girl, when he gets his coffee, he goes and sits with her at the duo table and starts chatting. after a bit he get out a joint and was a bout to light it untill she explained she doesnt like it, the boy understands and puts it away mannerfully. they hit it off, and keep talking.

the boy is smoking weed at home, he checks the time and sees it is nearly time to leave. the girl is in her room getting ready with makeup and hair with a polaroid photo of him on the mirror smiling at it. they meet up at the park location and kiss. there they are walking through a park, holding hands and such. they're in the cinema, she's leaning on him then they pashing. in the coffee shop again and enjoying.
the girls family and friends disaprove and dislikes him, they tell her she cant be with him, it makes her cry. he comes to pick her up finishing his joint but her parents talk to him, he confronts them, grabs her and leaves

the girl with such sadness in her eyes and face, grasps the photo of her boyfriend, she cries as she kisses her 2 fingers and presses her fingers upon the lips of the photo.
the boyfriend, blazed from smoking chronic weed, with his mates in his house, invisions the ghost of his love hovering above him and kisses him on the lips, he gasps in great shock, he gets up rushes out the room out the house to find her.
running through the streets dodging obstacles and jumping fences, arriving at her apartment, he breaks down the door, to see her hanging, hanging from the ceiling. the music bangingly ends when the door swings open.
and he sees a note tied to her toe/finger.

The End

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