Sugarland Murder

Sugarland is a peaceful, gentle, and kind place. Everyone knew one another and treated each other as family. And their was absolutely no palm oil to destroy those poor orangutangs everyone heard about.

But when a group on Sugarlandian's becomes hungry for a certain taste, a craving that is impossible to stop, who can stay alive?

Sugarland Murder


Exactly seventeen purple and yellow Marshmallow Peeps resided in pink gum trees. They were trying to rest after devouring their meals of Sno-Caps and Goobers, but their sugar coats kept being sucked in by the sticky gum. As soon as one piece was pulled out, another got stuck. It was an extremely infuriating process. The few Peeps that were used to the clingy gum trees settled for observing their sugary surroundings.


In a licorice meadow a good twenty feet away stood a herd of cattle. They were munching on the apple-flavored licorice that grew in giant clumps. Caramel-coated cream tails waved high in the air, creating a pleasant breeze. Below, Kit-cats hobbled around, careful to mind the freshly melted chocolate cow patties. The Kit-cats played around in bunches of thin lemon licorice patches. Bits and pieces of the chewy candy would stick onto their chocolate fur, only to be spread around or eaten later on by the playful kits.


Swedish Fish jumped through blue Nik-L-Nips juice, splashing the sticky substances all over the bank of the river. They chased each other around, cowering under the surface as shadows fell onto the water. Sour Patch Kids settled near the banks, crushing Red Hots to cause small fires before dowsing them. Other kids settled into the soft Crème Egg chairs they had brought, orange and white swirls molding to their bodies.


Farther away, past a few Butterfinger, Jolly Rancher, and Peppermint houses towered stalks of gummy bamboo stalks. Multicolored SweetTart pandas stumbled through the stalks, looking for the juiciest, chewiest, branches available. They tried to be mindful of the nearly-hatched Robin eggs buried halfway in the ground.


Sugarland was a pure, natural, and peaceful place. There was never any pollution, no stalking or spying, and absolutely no orangutans dying because of palm oil. Everyone got along, everyone minded their own business, and no one ever bothered each other.


Except for one thing.


Remember those Peeps from before? Well, they arestillhungry. Even after their large meal of sugary goodness. Their marshmallow stomachs were still craving more. They wanted a crunchy, sugary, delicious goodness. Only something like that would appease their growing stomachs.


Their immense craving was for something specific, but they could not place what it was. The craving was strong though, demanding immediate attention. The only solution would be to taste everything in Sugarland, until they could find what their stomachs so desired.


Two Peeps fought against the gum tree, trying to break free of the chewy hold. They beat their wings and stretched until the marshmallows threatened to rip in half. Only once their wings were exhausted to the point of melting did the two finally stop. The other fifteen however, knew that the tree would not release them until the night.


As night came, Sour Patch Kids wandered into their candied homes, a few carrying bags of Swedish Fish. Others carried Nerd Ropes, worn out with chunks of Nerds falling off from overuse. Kit-cats ran to their homes as worried owners called.


The gum tree started to freeze as the cold night wind blew throughout the area. Gradually, a few peeps lifted their wings and pounded the air. Slowly, their marshmallow perfection became unstuck from the gum tree. Fourteen Peeps flew away from the gum tree, desperate to satisfy their hunger. The remaining three stayed on the gum tree. The two from before were too stuck to escape, and one was asleep on one of the highest branches. It had not been as hungry as the others and was more worried about looking fresh for a pretty purple Peep.


The Peeps that had escaped were now splitting into groups of three, spreading out to scan as much of the land as they could. One group flew across the Nik-L-Nip river, chewing on abandoned jump ropes, Taffy weeds, Starburst lilies, and the river water. Yet nothing was sweet enough.


Another group went through the meadows, sampling the dozens of licorice flavors. They tried the gum trees, milk dud and junior mint rocks, jolly rancher logs, and everything else in the meadow. One desperate yellow Peep even tried a cow patty. The taste was not even close to the one it craved, though it had to admit the chocolate patty was quite tasty for just recently coming out of a cow’s behind.


One group nibbled on Sour Patch Kid houses. Butterfinger, Snickers, Milk, Dark, and white chocolate, Milky ways, any kind of chocolate bar imaginable. Nothing tasted close to what they craved. AS the rain fell, they caught the multicolored drops and tasted them all. Still not close.


Three other groups scoured through mountains, marshes, and forests. Not one of them tasted anything that called for them the way their craving did. Not the powdered sugar on the mountain peaks, not the cotton candy leaves, not even the M&M and Skittle fungi that grew all over the trees.


One last and lonely group headed towards the bamboo stalks. There was only two in this group, and they did not expect to find much. They were very pessimistic Peeps. One Peep, nicknamed Three-Eye because of the strange chunk missing out of his forehead, thought that since the SweetTart pandas seemed to enjoy the bamboo so much, that could be what they craved. Three-Eye approached the closest bamboo stalk, a sickly thin gummy, and took a bite. His face scrunched up as he spit everything back up.


That was definitelynotthe taste all the peeps craved. Three-Eye looked over at his partner, who was studying a speckled Robin Egg. Many times, they had watched a Kit-Cat take one and munch on it. The purple Peep took a tentative bite, and spit it back out instantly. It had tasted like liquid caramel, a Sugarlandian’s blood.


Feeling depressed at not being able to findanythingtasty to eat, Three-Eyes went over to sit on a rock. As he was examining the rock, he realized what a strange color it was. Purple, not a normal rock color, usually they were brown because of their chocolate covering. But this one was purple, what a strange color for a rock.


Wary of the taste, but desperate for answers, Three-Eyes took a small nibble. His taste buds lit up, fired with the wonderful taste. He cried out on joy as every sugar gradual sang in harmony. This was the taste he had craved. So overcome by the news, Three-Eyes barely noticed the faint trace of liquid caramel.


But his partner noticed. “What are you doing,” it cried out worriedly. No one ever harmed another living creature in Sugarland. Except for the Eggs, but usually, they were not near hatching. Yet, somehow three eyes had decided to taste one of the SweetTart pandas. Now, he was dancing around and singing joyfully, something must be wrong.


“This is it,” Three-Eyes cried, not noticing yet what he had done. “This is the taste. The one we have been looking for. It is this strange-colored rock!” He cooed in pleasure again and again. This was perfect; no other taste even came close to this one, so heavenly.


A roar of pain and fury snapped Three-Eyes out of his bliss. He instantly recognized the sound of an injured panda. Worried, he went over to help. The panda backed away nervously, holding a purple paw tightly to its body.


Three-Eyes blinked, confused. Why was this panda wearing a purple rock that tasted so good? Did it want it for itself? Surely it could share another bite. He took a step to the panda, everything screaming to stop now, to get a hold of his self and run, he should not be doing this.


But the taste was so blissful.


A screech of fury escaped Three-Eyes as he was dragged away. Something was tearing him away from the lovely meal. What could be so possibly cruel? He turned his head to see his partner dragging him towards the group of Peeps.


As they landed, Three-Eyes pulled away and started to shake with anger, hunger, and craving. “What did you do that for?”


His partner stepped up, “stopping you from killing that SweetTart panda. Are you crazy? Weneverhurt another Suguarlandian.” The other Peeps looked startled at hearing this news. What would possess Three-Eyes to do such a thing?


“But that wasthetaste. The one we are all craving. It was crunchy and powdery, but it dissolved right in your mouth. Multicolored sugary, crunchy goodness.” The other Peeps went from startled to transfixed, itdidsound good. The craving was much too strong to ignore. If they had found the cure, should they not stop it?


Three-Eyes glanced back at his partner, the only one not drooling over his description. “No,” she said. “We can’t do this. We cannot murder another living candy. No matter how bad our craving is.” The leader of the Peeps shook his head slowly, trying to clear the fog of hunger.


“She is right Three-Eyes.” Three-Eyes narrowed his gaze on the leader, coming up with more terrific descriptions. The leader blinked once, now completely under his control. “But still, one bite couldn’t hurt.”


Light-Tale glanced back at her partner, “Three-Eyes, you cannot be serious. What is the matter?” No one answered her back, obsessed now with finding this candy. She took a step back in fright. Somehow, she must warn the pandas.


Light-Tale lifted her wings, hoping the breeze would take her fast. Three-Eyes noticed her movement, and went to stop her. He stalked towards the purple Peep. In fright, she took off too early, flipping in the air to try and gain balance. Three-Eyes was prepared and headed her way, completely comfortable in the air. Flapping her wings with all she had, Light-Tale managed to catch a burst of wind. She sailed through the air, weaving back and forth to dodge her partner.


Three-Eyes refused to be stopped. He followed her flawlessly, catching up with her at a gum tree. Light-Tale had looked over her shoulder to see where he was, only to crash into the sticky branches. Despite her knowing better, she struggled against the branches, getting herself stuck deeper.


“Fine, if you don’t want some, that will just leave more for us.” It seemed as if he was going to leave and forget the whole incident, but Light-Tale was not that lucky. Three-Eyes landed on the branch above her, careful to only use his claws to avoid being stuck.


Light-Tale started gasping, struggling for air. Her partner’s razor-sharp beak neared her soft marshmallow body, closer and closer with each second. As he neared her fluffy throat, he stopped and laughed.


“Don’t be so scared, I would not waste valuable stomach room on something as soft as you. I want you to watch, and see what you are missing.” With that, he flew away towards the bamboo stalks. The other Peeps were already waiting, hunting down the frightened pandas.


Light-Tale turned her head away as terrified panda screams echoed out. Even from the top of the gum tree, she could smell the liquid caramel as it splashed out of helpless bodies in waves. Moans and hoots of pleasure echoed around.


By now, the noise was loud enough to wake up all of the other Sugarland residents. Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Caramel cows, and Kit-Cats all stepped out of their homes to investigate the noise. They were too innocent to believe that there was any danger.


Below, Three-Eyes munched on a blue panda ear. He even lapped up the liquid caramel that spilled out, delighting in the taste. He crunched the ear to pieces, searching for another victim. Frowning, he realized that there were no more pandas left. The other Peeps were noticing now as well. They searched hungrily for any remaining multicolored goodness.


As the Sugarland residents inched closer to the scene, the peeps focused on them. Surely the pandas could not be the only ones who tasted so delicious, that would be cruel. Still lead by their craving stomachs, the Peeps waddled closer to the investigators.


Three-Eyes trained his gave onto one of the caramel cows. If liquid caramel was so tasty, why couldn’t chewy, cream-filled caramel be just as good? His mouth watered in want. Surely, a cow would be able to fill him up?


Surprisingly, Three-Eyes was not the first Peep to attack. A smaller purple Peep lead the attack, going for a Sour Patch Kid. The red colored kid coated in sugar and sour specks was too much for the poor thing. It could not hold back.


The other peeps followed quickly behind, taking their pick of Kit-Cats, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, or caramel cows. Some even munched on hatching Robin Eggs. Frightened and confused residents ran around, trying to escape the marshmallow murderers.


Rivers of liquid caramel ran across licorice fields, candy houses, and even infected the Nik-L-Nip water. A few remaining survivors cowered underneath overturned Crème eggs, hoping the candy would hide their presence.


The Peeps were on a rampage. They overturned, devoured, and ripped apart everything in their path. Only liquid caramel could be seen or smelled. Still, the peeps searched, now hungrier than the beginning.


No one went passed their rampage. Every Sour Patch Kid, caramel cow, Swedish fish, and Kit-Cat was torn to pieces and eaten. Still, the Peeps kept searching,


One peep noticed a yellow blur moving passed. It automatically attacked, sinking its Candy Corn teeth in the soft candy. A squawk alerted every other Peep that something had happed. They turned their attention to the noise.


A large purple Peep had its beak dug deeply into a smaller yellow Peep. It seemed not to notice, as it tore giant chunks out of the poor creature. Liquid caramel poured out in rushes, spilling onto the ground below.


The other Peeps watched with interest. There was more food left. Every Peep went into attack mode, to hungry to be worried about themselves. All they wanted was more food. Three-Eyes pounced on the large purple Peep that had started this new idea.


Squeals, squawks, chirps, and hoots rang out. Every Peep had at least one chunk torn out of them. Still, no one backed out of the fight. In fact, the pain seemed to create a greater hunger. They bit and tore apart each other in a frenzy, slipping over caramel streams in their haste. Those that were unfortunate enough to fall were piled on by the others, an easy prey.


Soon, only Three-Eyes and one other Peep were left in the fight. They both had huge chunks torn out of them, and not much was left on their bodies. Caramel coated their once colorful coats. Neither noticed the pain, only wanted the final bite. They attacked, racing towards each other. Both were careful not to slip on the blood of their meals.


Both reached each other at the same time. Both bit down, tasting the candy flesh of their rival. As chunks were pulled away, the attacks grew weaker and weaker. Three-Eyes and his rival took a final bite from their enemy before falling on the ground, lifeless.


That was it, all were killed. The innocent, the greedy, and the stupid, all killed and eaten. No one was left from this massacre.


 Except for one small purple Peep.


The night had just fallen; one small Peep broke free of the gum tree, and landed swiftly down on the ground. Small drops of sugar water escaped her beady eyes as she took in her surroundings. All of her friends and family were dead. All taken by this overpowering greed.


And now, all that was left of Sugarland was destroyed buildings, torn up meadows, and dried out rivers. Liquid caramel and chunks of her old friends were all that adorned this battlefield.


“Look at the mess they all made,” she muttered to no one in particular. “You would think they could at least clean up after themselves.” Light-Tale’s beady eyes grew a hollow black and her tears dried up. She felt a strange, painful hunger grow in her stomach as she took in the sight around her.


“I guess I will just have to clean it all up then, one delicious bite at a time.”


The End

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