Group Date: Part One.

Max and I rode the house's 'complimetary' bikes into the town. It took about half an hour because I kept stopping because my trouses kept getting snagged in the wheel.

When we finally arrived, I was suprised to see how busy and alive the quite large country town was. I was expecting a tiny, quaint village.

'I have something to tell you, Cally, promise you wont get mad?' He said in a guilty voice.

I narrowed my eyes, 'I wont. Maybe.'

'OK, I kinda, sorta set us up on a.... 'group date'...'

'Eh? What of it? Where do I have to go?' I asked indiferntly. What was the bbig deal? I mean, I wouldn't have to meet them again... right?

'Oh. I thought you'd be pissed.' He said, pulling a face.

'You don't want to see me pissed.' I muttered ominously.

He laughed and smacked me on the back, grinning. He tugged on my net sleve and pulled me into what appeard to be a kareoke lounge.

I couldn't mask the look a annoyance that corssed my face. I looked at Max and stuck my tounge out at him.

'Lucky I can sing isn't it.' I huffed. He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

I followed him up into 'Lounge Thre. Inside, was five boys and five girls. Add us and it made a perfect six on each gender.

'Hi guys, Sorry I haven't taled to you in a while.' He smiled sheepishly, 'just got work and stuff.. . .  anyway; this is Cally. She tagged along today.'

'Yo.' I greeted them.

We all sat down and each boy started talking to a girl. A boy with blue-black hair sauntered over and smiled at me. He was good looking and had amazing fasion sense.

'Thank god that there is a normal girl here.' He grinned. I half closed my eyes and smiled.

'Your hair. It's cool, I used to have green hair, but I had to change it for a job.' I grumbled. Glaring at my drink.

'Well, your hair is nice now.'

I blushed and let my fringe fall over my face so he wouldn't see.

'Let's sing!' He announced. 'I hear they have some good Linkin Park numbers here.'

'I love Linkin Park.' I smiled.

He pulled me along by the hand and we chose a song. I may have imagined it, but why was Max staring at me in a angry fashion?


The End

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