First Scene, Love Scene?!

I was told to get up bright and early so we could shoot the very first scene at sunrise...sunrise.

By alarm bleeped repeatedly until I had to get up and turn it off because it was at the other side of the enormous room. The only person outside of family and close friends who has ever seen me in the morning is Iris and stylists. Mainly because all my pyjama's seem to disappear so I have to sleep in underwear, but also because my hair looked like nest.

So I was very suprised when at four o' clock in the morning, Percy bounced in, fully clothed and beaming.

I was currently chugging down a mug of tea and when I saw him I sat it out and sprayed the sofa. He realised I was there and went bright red.

'You! Uh! No! Don't look! OUT!!' I shouted, my voice was hoarse but very loud and would probably be heard from down stairs.

'Sorry! Sorry!' He stammered and stumbled out of the room.

I was blushing stupidly, soaking wet and embarassed. Why of all people did he have to see my in my bra and pants, first thing in the morning?!

I shoved on some baggy, chained trouses and a fishnet shirt. I dragged my brush through my ratty hair and sauntered down the stairs because I could smell pancakes.

Percy looked up and quickly stared at his plate and I glared at his peeping face.

'What was the commotion?' Asked Iris.

'Percy came into my room.'

'Ah. Well, I probably should have told him not to go say goodmorning when you first get up.' She said guiltiy.

'S'not your fault.' I mumbled.

'Right! Your all awake, I see! Cally, your clothes are perfect, your face is perfect and your hair is perfect! You too, Percy. Be in the corn feilt in ten!' Our director, Steve said in a way-too-cheery voice.

I grunted as he left the room.

'So is my charater like me?' I asked Iris.

'Yes, a little. But through the series her style changes a little when she meets Cameron.'

'So I'm playing Elexis and peeping Percy is playing Cameron?'I snorted.

'Don't call me a peeper!'

'What? You are!'

Then we argued and Iris had to drag me outside to give me a lecture on why I shouldn't have fights with other members of the cast.

Five minutes later....(on the set)


'Who are you?' I asked, frowning gently.


'Why are you not answering me proporly? What is your name?!'

'Cameron.'He answered.

'Oh.' I said softly,'Cameron. Thats a nice name.'


'Yes, Cameron?'

'I need. . . I need your energy.'He whispered in a tight voice. Percy was really good at acting.

'My. . . energy? Why? What do you mean?'I asked, putting a confused expression on my face.

'I. . . survive my feeding on human spirit energy! I need yours!' He said urgently, he took a step towards me and cupped my face. I bit my lip out of anger. Did I really have to do this first thing in the morning.

'Cut! Whats up, Cally?'Asked Steve, concerned.

'I don't want to kiss peeping tom, here.'

'Well, please try your best for now. We need you here, Cally! Your a great actress!'

'Fine.' I mumbled, giving in the compliments.

'Carry on rolling!'

Percy put his hand back to my face. He stared at me, I tried my very hardest not to blush but failed. How am I supposed to react when I'm about to kiss someone?! In fact, Percy's cheeks were a little pink as he leaned in.

I closed my eyes and stood on my tip-toes and our lips met.

He pressed his mouth to mine and wrapped his arms around my waist.

'Elexis?! What are you doing?!' Max, who plays Elexis's boyfriend in the TV show, which in fact is called 'Grotesque Romance'. Haha.

'Alex! Oh no! Alex!' I cried out, I pulled away from Percy and ran after him, which was behind the shed.


I grimaced. Yeah, I woke up first thing in the morning for this. A kiss from Percy and a nice morning jog. Not.

'I'm going back to bed!' I told them, but someone caught my arm. It was Max.

'You were great today!'

'Thanks! Your facial expressions were really good.' I smiled, he looked away and caughed.

'Anyway, Steve said that we're shooting again in a few hours, do you want to go into town and get some sugary stuff?' It was music to my ears.

'MMmmm! I've already run out of chocolate!'I grinned.

'Great! I'll ask percy--'

'Don't!' I nearly yelled, 'ah, I just don't really get on with him.'

'It's fine, we'll set off in a hour, 'kay?'


Finally, someone not perverted. Max is nice, unlike Peeping Percy!!

The End

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