My First Hate: Prince Percy.

The driver of the taxi was going really fast. I grinned at Iris's shocked and terrified face, she'd never known anyone go so fast.

I rolled the window down and stuck my head out of the window. The sharp wind whipped my hair out of my face. I looked back and realised the car another car behind out with a boy doing the same thing as me.

I squinted at him. He looked at me and pulled a face. I raised my eyebrows and gave him the finger.

Cocky little buggar.

'Are we nearly there yet?'I moaned.

'NO!'Yelled the driver and Iris at the same time.

Five minutes later,' are we nearly there yet?'

'Ten more minutes.' The driver mumbled.

Maybe half an hour later, we pulled up at a old mansion, I guess this is where we are shooting the series. And much to my suprise, the car that was behind us pulled into the parking lot.

'Your kidding me?' He snorted after he came out of the car, he had an annoying snooty voice but it would surley change when there were some good-looking girls around. 'her and this dump?'

'It's not dump! It just old' I yelled without thinking, but I actually thought it look like a dump too.

'Oh, so you don't think it looks, like, really creepy and when your sleeing in your , room it wont be all gloomy and dark.' He whoooed doing spirit fingers. I shivered, we were staying there?

'Cally is gloomy and dark.' Muttered Iris. I glared at her.

'I  can see that! Are you supposed to be some sort of goth?' He enquired rudely.

'Yes, whats it to you?' I snapped. I was begining to really dislike this popus snob.

'Nothing, I just don't want to eat at the smae table as someoen who wants suck my blood.'He snickered. I narrowed my eyes and hissed through my teeth. There was no point in getting mad at someone as idiotic as him.

'Well, no point staying here, Cally! Grab your many, many suitcases and go call dibbs on the biggest room.' Iris sighed, she knew I hated small bedrooms. Because when I wasn't an actress, my room was the attic room and was incredibly tichy.

'Let me help you carry those, I pack light so I have a spare hand.' Offered the annoying dude, 'I'm Percy by the way. I'm assuming your name is Cally.'

'No thanks. And yeah, it is.' I muttered, and heaved my bags up the front steps and tottered into the dark, spooky mansion.

My new job is with an annoying guy like this? Ah, well this new job is sure going to be odd!



The End

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