Sugar x Idol

Cally is a young actress, but one day she gets a job and it turns out to be more interesting than she imagined...

'And action!'

'Hey! I'm Cally Oak. I'm always having to move about, so it's very hard for me to keep all my stuff together! Thats why I use the EasyCarry backpack!' I said in a cheery voice, grinning stupidly.

'Cut! That was perfect, Cally. I hope to work withyou again.'

I snorted and quickly changed into my usual clothes. Black and purple were my usual colours. As I said, I'm Cally Oak, acting is my passion but my agent can only get me commercial jobs so everyone thinks I'm some cheery, bubbly cute chick. That is not me at all.

I'm moody, violent, grumbly and hate exercise.

'Cally! Call! Guess what?!' Iris, my agent whooped.

'What Iris? Got me another advert?'I mumbled though a mouthful of crisps.

'Nope! Oh boy, oh boy. I got you a job on a drama show! I just got the call now! They really want you to do it!'She squealed.

'Wow. Can I do it?'

'Yup. I'll book you now!'

So I was going to be on a TV show, huh? I wonder how that'll turn out?

The End

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