Sugar Star, a Friend For Life

this is a true story of my horse Sugar and how we met and became friends for life.

I was walking down the path with my parents to pick a horse to ride, look after and to become my best freind we walked down the corridor looking at the diferent horses then i stubled across a mare and foal. i looked at the mare she was jet black but the foal was a dapple grey a he already took a shine to me so i asked mum for both of them and she looked at me and said ok so i named the mare Moon and the foal Sugar Star as so as i thought of the names when we got home on the farm on the outskirts of rockingham then took the Sugar Star to the arean and tought him how to be led by a lead rope and to check his gates and movements were right the i turned him out to his mum she was a bit frazzled but she was not taking any notice of me so i just let mum look after her and dad have cobolt that cheeky race horse and sugar Star was a abran and he was incredible  and as he grew up he got faster by the minute when he was fully grown took him down to the riding school and rode him at a gallop and man was he fast!!! dad said i should make him a racehorse but i wasn't so sure but i gave it a go and he turn out great but he wasn't to good to enter any actual races like the melbourne cup so i stuck with races that aren't big enough for t.v and he's just being his cheeky self every day and we are the best of friends.

The End

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