Chapter TwoMature

Sugar me Lovely




            Anni had been waiting for a while. Luca had been supposed to meet her at 6:30pm. It was now 6:31 pm. She saw Luca coming round the corner and jumped up. She began to march towards him and once he saw her, he began to look like he wanted to run away.

           “And where, may I ask, have you been?!?” Anni yelled, her bleached blonde hair sticking up all over the place. Her hands were on her hips as she came to stop in front of him.

          “I’m not that late, am I? I only just got into town…I’ve been at Band Practice.” Luca said, putting his hands up as a sign of surrender.

         “Oh sure…that’s always your excuse. When really, I know, you were with another girl!” Anni screamed at him, waving a finger in his face. Luca’s mouth dropped as he saw tears of rage seep from her eyes.

         “What the hell, Anni! You’re the one that cheated on me. FOUR TIMES! How dare you say I was cheating on you! Most likely the reason why you couldn’t meet up on Saturday is because YOU…you were with another guy.” Luca said, bringing himself up to his full height and shooting daggers out of his eyes at her.

        “I give up,” Annie shrieked, turning her back on him and putting her hands up. “You are hopeless. You’ll never be the guy I want! Well I’ll tell you what…” She continued, twirling around and smirking evilly at him. “I will go back to the other guy! He was much better at everything then you! At least he isn’t  gay!” Anni finished as she ran off. Luca was left alone, fuming.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


A few Days Later


     “…well I’m afraid, that I, that’s right, well I may have faked it.” Rang out his phone. Luca looked at it and winced, that was Anni’s ring tone. Luca looked at the phone and sighed. He picked it up reluctantly and answered with a sigh.

     “What on earth do you want?” He answered, venom seeping into his voice.

     “To say sorry. I didn’t mean what I said the other day. I miss you…please come back to me.” Anni replied. On the other end of the line, Anni began to smirk. Right now, she was with her more permanent, “other guy”. When she had told him that they’d broken up, he had pressured her to get back with him.

       "It adds excitement to our relationship, having to fool little Luca like that. If you’re not with some other guy, then I don’t want to be with you because it won’t be fun anymore", her boyfriend had told her.

        “You always say that. You never really mean it. Why should I come back to you?!? You’ll just go and cheat on me again! And you called me gay! You should know that I’m not. I don’t even like you Anni…Give me 3 reasons why I should go out with you again.” Luca replied, sitting on a chair and getting a pencil. He began to draw as he waited for a reply.

        “1: You love me. 2: You’ll never get better then me and 3: because I want you…There 3 reasons. Now come back to me.” Anni stated folding her arms as her other guy gave her a back rub.

      “God you’re so cocky…and who says I ever loved you? You’ll have to try harder then that if you want me.” Luca finished. He slammed the phone shut and chucked it on his bed. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. That girl drove him crazy and not in the good way.

       “…For what you did to me. Is what I’ll what I’ll do to you!” Began to play and Luca smiled. It was Emmi. He ran over to his bed and sank onto it whilst accepting the call.

      “Emmi! What’s happening? Please give me good news because I need some!” Luca said, smiling as he did. Emmi was always there for him no matter what.

      “Well…I don’t know if it’s good or not but Escape The Fate are coming to the Carling Academy with From First To Last and I just wondered if you wanted to go as tickets are £11 quid?” Emmi finished, practically singing the last part. Escape The Fate and From First To Last we’re their favourite bands and they had never missed a chance to see them yet!

       “Are you kidding!?! Hell Yeah! Nothing could stop me! When is it?!?!?!?” Luca yelled down the phone. Emmi in advance had held the phone away from her ear.

      “Tonight! Only just announced surprise gig. So I’ll meet you out front in 10?” Emmi asked, knowing his reply instantly”

      “Can you make it in 5?”

The End

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