Rouge Horse

"Eliza!" said dad coming towards me from Spartans stall "what is it?" "it's Sugars owner he want him back" "they can take him if they want but i'm not helping them get him into the trailer he still terrified of it""where's my horse!"said a loud, deep voice "he's here but i'd like to see you try and get him in the tralier"i told him "Mr Mallen Eliza has not cured him yet he is still traumitzed he only lets Eliza near him"said dad "well she can load him""in your dreams i won't help because i love Sugar and he won't let you go near him because your a fat mean jerk!!!"i shouted "Eliza! thats enough"said dad Mr Mallen said nothing "thats because he's a rouge horse so keep the dam horse"said Mr Mallen and went into Spartan stall and said " i'll have this one" Spartans my horse you can have him  so i wouldn't bother"i said "i thought you said sugar was your horse""i can have more then one horse" " look  just give me a horse" no horse should ever go to you" "leave now before i call the police"said dad "fine" said mr mallen "i'll send you the bill of sale and ownership papers next week" he added.  

The End

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