New Start

"Sugar always was a jumpy horse but his recent talent and love or jumping seemed to calm him" said my farther walkingtowards the house with me i looked at the pasture where sugar was grazing after a battle to get him there, he seemed to take a liking to Spartan my horse which i won the Meadow Lake Final last summer with. "Dad do you think i should join up with Sugar tomorrow?" i asked at dinner that night."well he has come a long way but you should give it a go"he replied unsure of what to say, "ok"i said as i left the table.Next morning i had all ready started joining up with Sugar by the time dad got up he stayed inside though, i was driving Sugar around the arena for ages, "I KNOW YOUR PLAYING ME! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!" i cried Sugar stopped and started making a chewing noise i turn my back against him he slowly walked up  to my shoulder i gave him a mint this was a new start for both of us.  

The End

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