Sugar And Eliza and Friendship that would last the test of time

this is a true story of Sugar a tormented dapple grey arabian and Eliza a girl that befreinds Sugar and their freindship stood the test of time.

I approached the stall of a dapple grey arabian that was in a terrible state after a recent accident. His mane and tail is dirty and tangled, his beautiful dished face covered by a dreadful scar, his eyes wild with fear and his coat badly burned. "Hey boy" i said quietly, the stallion jerked back in surprise "it's ok, boy i'm not going to hurt you." i opened a bottle of Lavender oil, the stallion caught the sweet smell of the oil and came a little foward but not to much. I poured some of the smooth liquid onto my palm and slowly put my palm over the stall door. the stallion moved back a bit but didn't try to hurt me he simply stood there looking at me. I stood there, for about 3 hours, I think, until he finally saw I wasn't going to hurt him and licked up the Lavender oil from my palm. 

The End

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