She just happened to be passing through my mind one sunny, breezy Saturday afternoon, when suddenly my muse decided to appear, prompting me to write this random thought, not sure what it was that made me think of her but either way, it occurred the way it did and so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This is for Rosy, wherever she is.

Close your eyes and picture this, we’re standing in the shade of a tree, in an open park, on a sunny breezy day. I walk up behind you and take your hands in mine, you lean back against me and we bask in the comfort of each other’s touch and embrace.

I squeeze your hand as I gently slide my hand up your arm, being sure to savor every soft inch, the texture of your warm flesh against mine, the smell of your hair filling my lungs, intensifying my every emotion now likely betrayed in my shuddering breath.

Now I rub your shoulder gently as I proceed to duplicate the gesture with your other arm, my emotions now on the verge of wrestling control of my body from me, as my eyes slowly fill with tears, not of sadness but of overwhelming happiness, such that my body cannot contain, leaving it no alternative but to weep.

My heart beats in tune with yours as I turn your body to face mine, and now every fiber of my being bristles and aches in anticipation as my lips draw ever nearer to yours. With every passing centimeter echoing like miles in my head, my soul begging the universe and time itself to disappear just for a moment, so that my mouth may traverse the space between us instantaneously to taste the dulcet heaven that resides in yours.

Until at last the space between us ceases to exist and the earth as well as the entire universe completely fall away, existing only as an abstract concept whose only function now is to bring pain.

Alas, we stand there in the park, oblivious to the coming dark, simply being present in each other’s company, listening to the summer day relay its Symphony, wishing we could make this moment last forever, having truly found a piece of heaven.

The End

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