Sudden End


Nostradamus prophesied about a cataclysmic war, some said perhaps we could change it.  The Maya's calendar ended on 12/21/2012.. The Krishnas agreed with the Maya, the Christians never set a time but, they claimed it loud and clear.. "The end is near"
We walked through it all, 2012 came and went, the hype about the Mayan calendar was put to rest, they still spoke of Nostradamus but, he was even shuffled to the background.  The Krishnas, the Christians, The Earth People, the UFO Watchers, Hale-Bop hailers.. all had been quieted and lulled into an uneasy submission, they were quiet but, they still felt it, they still believed.

All in all we turned our heads to living, we pushed all things apocalyptic to the back burner.  We even shut our minds and hearts to the bible.  In our pursuits of happiness whatever it was to each one of us, we became more and more numb to the things that were happening around us.  As complacency set in, animals, birds, fish were disappearing.  There was an influx of insects.  People, places, things...  they were missing..  crime was rampant but, hadn't we always been plagued with crime?

I went to the city one day, I was horrified,  empty buildings, where had the businesses gone, people walked... no, they wandered, oblivious, zombie like.. eyes glazed over.  There was a smell, putrid, rotting,  the smell of death was everywhere..  I had to go to the courthouse, and although it was mid summer, there was a chill, a cold that seemed to creep up my arms and settle in my bones.  I became frightened, an anxious feeling took me, urgency.. I needed to get away from there, fast.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the man with the knife, I saw the blood on his hands and clothes.. I had to get out of there.. I was afraid he would come after me but, his eyes had the same glazed look, what was happening?

That day realization cleared away the apathy, that day my eyes were opened, I paid attention, I looked up at the sky, the clouds roiled as if on fire, the sun was a dusty brown..   there was no blue sky, wind whipped leaves and sand into the air, the streets were deserted..  I stared at the tele,....   What, I couldn't take it all in.. I heard words like, Super Storm, Mega Disaster, Tsunami,  Burning Hail,  Earthquake...  in the midst of it all... WAR!  I had thirty minutes to get to shelter...  I was frozen.. who had done this?  There was no time to get to my family or friends... Please God, PLEASE!

It had been said that man in his arrogance would destroy himself.  I sit in this man made  hollowed out cement cave,  It's been six months, I have been lonely, I have been angry but, with whom?  I blamed the president, I blamed Satan, I blamed God, truly, I could blame no one but us.. mankind.  It's getting harder and harder to find food, the water is tainted but, it doesn't matter, at the rate that I'm losing hair, fingernails and skin, it's only a matter of time anyway.  The flash from the bomb wow, what a display, too bad Einstein hadn't been here to witness it, he would have been horrified or, maybe in his arrogance,  he would have been proud.  I wish I would  have been closer, incinerated instantly, would have been kinder, instead,  I die slowly, my body poisoned by radiation.

I don't know if anyone will ever find this but, if they do, take note of what happened, make people understand that we are just dust, nothing more nothing less, we are not like God, make people know that this should never happen again.  It is said that we were made in His likeness.. with His qualities maybe, just maybe we should learn to cultivate those qualities, especially the quality of love.. Cause surely if we have love for each other, this will never be repeated..

My sight is dim.. I am cold..   God if I can find a place in your thoughts, please allow me the sweet sleep of Moses..



The End

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