Stressed But ImpressedMature

"Now, if you could open your textbooks at page 512," my History teacher said.

But I don't want to open my textbook at page 512. I just want to stare at this blackboard behind you and just do nothing.

".... read the 3rd paragraph up to the 5th."

But I don't want to read.

"... then after, answer the review questions. You may start."

But I don't want to!

I just want to lie down on my sweet and soft bed and sleep until night time. I've only had about 3 hours sleep today, I was up until 2 am, then I woke up at 5 am just to finish everything that we had to pass today. Exams are coming up, which means it's the beginning of the most-awaited Hell Week. I finished 3 essays for English Lit., I made some progress on my Junior Term Paper,  I tried to finish my science project but failed to do so, then I answered some review exercises for the Math Competition which was just 2 weeks away. 

Then suddenly, I felt an excruciating pain on my arm. Someone pinched me!

"OW!!!", I shouted, not that loud so the teacher wouldn't hear me, but loud enough for my seatmates to turn their heads towards me. Some of them giggled.

I looked at my right and saw Zander's eyes motioning towards my text book.

"You didn't have to do that!", I replied, again trying to be quiet enough for my teacher to hear.

"Stop daydreaming and help me out! You'll be my partner!", he said dragging his chair towards me. Then I suddenly realized that all of my classmates were paired up and I was the only one alone, and Zander.

"Oh. Why do you have to be my partner?", I said with a sarcastic disappointed voice.

"Well, obviously you were not listening. Just... okay?!"

We worked on this seat work about the Second World War for up to 30 minutes when the teacher stopped us since it was time already. The bell rang and all of us stood up, preparing to go home.

"Hey! Why don't you come with us? We're going to Jeff's house," Zander offered.

"You're going there again? You do know that finals are coming up."

"We still have a week to chill, girl!"

I rolled my eyes. Oh, boys. "Well, fine. Are we just going to walk?" I picked up my bag and my books then started walking with Zander towards the front entrance.

"Yeah right. Jeff's going to pick us up!" I stopped walking. Again, we haven't talked since our classes started again. Just like before, we just said 'Hello' every time we saw each other outside of our house. But, I guess it wasn't that awkward like last time. Besides, I still feel this weird debt of gratitude when he gave me the gift. But, fine whatever. I just want to go home and take a nap.

"... okay. But I have to say bye to Thea first. Where is she by the way?" I looked around the fields trying to find my best friend. Zander did the same.

"There!", he shouted. He smiled and waved at her. She smiled back, and I know deep down inside her she's jumping for joy.

She ran towards us.

"Hey!", she said as she hugged me. I looked at her face which just looks just as tired as mine. "You going home, Leena?"

"Hell yeah. Imma get me some nappy time," I said with my trying-hard cute voice. 

"Damn, me too. But sorry, I can't walk home with you today. I have to come over to my Math classmate's house just to get my book. She 'accidentally' took it home," she replied while rolling her eyes.

"Oh, don't worry. Leena's coming home with us!" Zander said excitedly, and Thea's face went from happy to confused and suspicious.


"Okay, first of all. He was the one who insisted, okay?", I replied.

"Oh, well okay! See you tomorrow!" She hugged me again and walked towards this blonde and petite girl waiting for her by the gate.

Zander and I went to the parking lot and looked for the SUV. We saw it at the end of the lot. When we got close, the passenger and the driver's door opened and out came John, Aries, and Jeff. Ohhhh boy. Here I am again with the boys.

"Leens----aaaa!", John shouted. I guess he remembered that I didn't want him to call me Leens.

Aries ran towards me, hugged me tight which made me drop my books.  Jeff walked towards me to pick them up and them back to me. I hugged him too.

He opened the car door for me to let me in, then the boys followed.

"All right. Take me home now please, I am fugging tired and out of energy!", I said while leaning my head on John's shoulder. Then I realized all of them looked at each other.

I looked at all of them. "What?!" I was nervous now.

No one replied.

"WHAT?!" I shouted.

"Well... we're kidnapping you for now," Aries said while smiling.

I just stared at them. We were still at the parking lot, Jeff wasn't driving it out yet. So, based on my calculations if I moved fast enough, I can unlock the door, open it, and run for it. 

And I did exactly that.

But then, as I opened the door, John (with his long arms), took the handle and closed it again.  "Slowly there James Bond! Come on, we just need your help for that JS Prom!"

"And what kind of help exactly?!" I shouted again, then I looked at Zander, "you are SOOOO not fooling me the next time!" He gave me a huge smile.

"We're going to pick out our tux!", he replied.

"But why me?! I have so much to do and I'm so tired!"

"Come onnnnn! You are the most HONEST girl we know," Zander replied sarcastically.

"I am so pissed with you guys right now," I said while leaning my head against John's shoulder again.

"No you're not. Okay! Let's go!"

Jeff drove towards the mall and we went to this slightly expensive Formal store for men. Wow, they got money!

John and Zander started rummaging through the racks while Aries, Jeff and I sat down on the couch.

"Honestly, are you really mad?", Jeff asked.

"Do you really want to know?"

Jeff stared at me, then he shook his head to say 'No'. Look how cute he is right now. UGH irritating!

John and Zander walked out of the fitting rooms and walked straight towards us looking sleek as ever! WOW! They both look good.

"WOOOOAAAH! Look at you!" I said as I stood up and walked around them, looking at their suits. Jeff and Aries were all smiles too, they even whistled at the two like they were 2 hot models.

"I love it! I love it! Okay, 50% of my exhaustion is gone," I said as I sat down again between Aries and Jeff.

"See! I told you you wouldn't hate us!", John teased. And he was right all along.

"That is absolutely spot on," Jeff said while trying so hard to talk with an accent. I laughed at him.

But I had an idea for Zander. "Zander, you look hot now honestly, but to impress Thea even more I think you should wear a bow instead of a tie."


"Yeah! Bows are really cute, you know!"

"Cute? You want to make me look cute?!", he said looking confused.

"Oh, you know what I mean! Here," I stood up, walked towards the shelf full of bow ties and picked up the black one. "Just try it on, for me. YOU OWE ME!"

He let me take of the tie and I replaced it with the bow tie I chose, then I sat down beside Jeff.

"Awwww, you see! You look perfect! Right guys?"

"Handsome as shit, man." Aries replied with a huge smile on his face.

John and Zander were looking at the mirror again, just making sure it was the perfect fit, while the three of us sat down watching them. They looked really good!

"Now I'm really pissed about that stupid contest!" I shouted.

"Awww, come on Leena," Jeff rubbed my back, "there's still one next year, right?"

"Yeah, and you know what? When it's your Senior prom, we gon' make you look like a goddess! Just to make up for this one that you'll miss! You are gonna be the most beautiful girl there, with the most perfect date....  and that would be Jeff," Aries said while pointing at Jeff.

"Yeahhh---- wait. WHAT?!", Jeff shouted.
Everyone laughed, including me. I was so touched when Aries said that, he now felt like he was my big brother too, just like John. Then I think I kind of blushed wen he mentioned Jeff was my partner. I mean, who would say NO to that, right? 

Ughhhh stupid contest!

Jeff and I arrived home at about 7 pm, we dropped the others by their houses first. Mom and Dad wasn't there yet, they were with Uncle Joe and Aunt Manna somewhere. Jeff offered to stay home with me since I was all alone at night. Some parts of me wanted that, but I was really tired and I had so much left to do with so little time. 

"Are you sure you'll be okay?", Jeff asked again when he dropped me off.

"I'll be fiiiiine! Don't worry. If you're really uneasy about it, you can just spy on me through your window, I wouldn't mind," I said while giving him a huge smile. And then, he blushed.

We said our goodbyes and he waited for me until I closed the front door, then he parked the SUV on their parking lot and went inside.

The End

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