If You Really Want ItMature

"HELLOOOOO PERSON OF THIS ROOM!" I shouted as I entered Jeff's room, which was now covered with empty and half-empty brown boxes. Mom and dad was downstairs helping out Uncle Joe and Aunt Manna, Cris wasn't home because she was still at boarding school, she just went home yesterday after hearing the news. Marion was at his room, sorting out his 'KEEP' toys with his 'DONATION' ones.

"Wow, you look energized today. Drank too much coffee?" Jeff said looking tired, exhausted, and sweaty from packing up. Well, to be honest, he looked kind of attractive wearing a basketball jersey and a pair of jeans. Oh god, shut up Leena! Keep it together!

"Ha-ha. Well, yes actually. Mom told me that I would be helping you guys out. So, where do you want me?" I looked around his room which was pretty much still full of stuff. For a boy, he had a lot of stuff.

"Seriously, you're going to help me pack."

"Do I not look serious to you?" I said with a straight face. "Why don't I start with your shelf?" I was already grabbing an empty box as I walked towards his shelf.

"Okay, go wild."

I started placing his DVD collection of all sorts of movies and series into the box, then after that all of his books. I looked back at Jeff who was still fixing his clothes. Man he's slow. And lastly, I packed up the things at the very top of his shelf, which were picture frames. Some were pictures of him with his mom and dad, with Cris and Marion, a collage of John and a couple more boys whom I didn't know anymore, a group of girls, and a picture of him standing beside a girl. Jeff noticed me since I wasn't moving and putting things and boxes anymore, I was staring at their picture.

"Hey. What's up?" He looked confused.

"Are these your high school friends?" I asked him as I showed him the photo. His face didn't look confused anymore, he was more like staring at the picture.

"Uhm.... yeah," he stuttered, "Yeah, more of my other friends. John's  there." He looked down at his box and continued to pile up his clothes.

"Yeah, I can see." I placed the photo inside the box. "Okay, I'm done!"


"Yeah, well....I'm done with the shelves. You're just slow." He looked at my box and then looked at his. He looked disappointed at how much he was progressing, which made him look cute. "You are seriously going to keep all of those clothes? Really? I bet those don't fit you anymore."

"Yeah, well I like them okay. And these are legit jerseys if you must know! I spent my money on these!" He picked up a Lakers jersey which obviously didn't fit him anymore.

"It wouldn't hurt to donate them, you know. That's what Marion is doing with his toys. And besides, if you do good things, better things will get back to you." Oops, I sounded a little too dramatic. But as I looked at him, I realized that he was staring at me and was smiling a little. I blushed. "Okay, sorry. I mean.. you know... it's good to donate."

He kept staring and smiling at me, which was getting really uncomfortable now. But heck, I liked it. "Why are you saying sorry?"

"What? Oh... nothing I realized that it was too cliche. You know? It's... ugh. Yeah. Sorry. Don't mind me! Come on let's sort out your clothes." I immediately grabbed one of his jerseys just to break the awkward situation.

"You don't have to be sorry. I am actually learning a lot from you, you smart girl." He smiled at me. Damn, that smile. He held 2 of his small jerseys, one on each hand. "Lakers or Knicks? To donate."

"Hmmm... Lakers."

"WHAT?! Why?!"

"I don't know! I just chose one okay! And I choose Lakers." I shouted as I grabbed an empty box and labelled it 'DONATION'. He placed the jersey inside the box, looking all sad. Haha! "Okay, my turn. Seriously, you have an emo-looking shirt with a skull printed on it, and a shirt with Winnie the Pooh and friends. WHY?!"

"MOM bought it for me okay?!"


"CLEARLY, you'd have to donate at least one! So.... Emo or Pooh?" 

"Can't it be both?"

"Okay, since I fully agree that these shirts should disappear from your life, I therefore allow you to choose both, even though it is not allowed according to our rules", I said as I threw them inside the box.

"We're playing now?"

I gave him a blank stare. He really didn't notice? Ugh... boys. "YES Mr. Obvious."

"Oh. Okay. How 'bout this: my Beatles shirt or my 'Just Do It' shirt?" I immediately looked at him when he said 'Beatles'. I looked the v-neck shirt, which had a picture of them walking on the famous pedestrian lane.

He noticed that I was staring at his shirt. "WOAH. You have one?! I love iiiiiiiit!" I grabbed the shirt from his hands to look at it closely. "Where'd you buy it? I want one! Definitely keep this, donate the Nike shirt!"

He laughed at me as he threw the Nike shirt to the box. "You can have it, if you really want it."

I was stunned by his answer. "Are you crazy? This is an original shirt, you can't just give it away!" 

"Yeah, I know."

"And this is Limited Edition if you must know!"


"And only few people have this!"

Unexpectedly, he took the shirt from my hands, rolled up the shirt from the bottom up and placed it above my head, which I now realize that he was making me wear it. I was wearing a tank top today, so I guess it was okay to wear a shirt over it. He was helping me fit the shirt, he placed it over my head and pulled it down towards my waist. I could feel his hands touching my body every now and then, and when it did, I shivered.

"Just shut up, and take it." He stepped back a little to see how it looks, then he smiled.

".....oh. Th-Thank you so much!" I looked down at the shirt, which was a little loose (since it was a guy's shirt), but it looked okay. I'd wear it of course! I don't care if it's a guy's shirt. "I love it!" I shouted, looking all excited and happy like a kid with a lollipop.

"Haha! See. It looks good on you. And.... wow, we actually wear the same size? You really are chubby!"

"HEY!" I slapped his arm..


"You're just TOO skinny, okay?"

"WHA--- WHAT?!" He shouted and motioned towards his so called 'arms with the right amount of muscle', "do you see these? DO YOU? This.. this is not skinny."

"Uggghhhh here you go again," I said with a grossed-out look. But honestly, I could stare at those arms for a whole day. I will definitely not  say that of course since that will surely boost up his ego. "But... where? I don't see any?"

He gave me a huge grin, and surprisingly, he ran towards me so quickly. Luckily, I had the time to run so he wouldn't catch me. We were literally running in circles inside his room, jumping over empty boxes and filled ones, looking like a bunch of loose monkeys. Then suddenly, I tripped over some of his other clothes which made me almost fall, but luckily (well not that lucky), he got a grip of my hair, which made me fall back a little.

"OOOOW! You seriously had to hold on to my hair? I could've been my arm or hand or something!" I yelled at him while massaging my aching scalp.

He just kept laughing at me. The dude was having the time of his life. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry." He kept laughing. I slapped him again and then I went back to the half-filled boxes of clothes.

"Stop laughing!" I said, even though I was giggling myself. "Come on! We have so much to do."

For hours and hours, I helped him with his clothes, shoes, books, and other boy's stuff. I also helped Marion fill up his boxes full of toys. Even in times like these we were always in the mood to ask each other questions. Some were serious and deep, but most were all random and weird, because that was us... and I loved it. 

The End

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