Your GirlMature

Jeff's Point of View

I went straight to their house once my family and I settled in our house, that will soon be not our house anymore. I could see in my mom and dad's eyes the sadness and the disappointment that was bugging them. Cris and I felt the same too, but we tried our best to hide it so we could comfort mom and dad. Marion, however, didn't understand a thing on what was going on. He asked me about it with his soft and comforting voice when we were heading back home.

"What's happening?", Marion asked. I wasn't used to things so important like this, so I tried my best to keep it short and simple so he could understand.

"Well, mom and dad said that we would be moving in a couple of days."

"Yeah, Marion. We're going to move to a house closer to them for now. Don't worry, you can still bring all of your toys", Cris said, trying to sound a little positive. We glanced at each other the moment she said it.

"Why are we moving? Our house is fine, right?", Marion asked again. Oh, curious children.

"Yes, but we've gotten into some kind of problem, so we have to move out for a while. But don't worry, we'll go back to a bigger house after a while", I said calmly, while rubbing his head and messing up his hair.

I walked towards John's front door and rang the doorbell, after a few second I heard footsteps coming closer. And as the door opened, I saw Thea.

"Woah, finally he shows up. Got my brother worried there. Where you've been.... Leena's?" She gave me a huge grin, I knew what she was thinking, but I wasn't in the mood to think about it.

"Yeah, we went to see her parents. Where's John? I need to see him now." Thea looked disappointed since I didn't answer her question, she turned her head and yelled to call John. I went inside and sat on the couch, and after a few seconds I heard loud footsteps.

"DUDE! God, where have you been?! You've missed basketball practice for days!" John yelled as he sat down beside me.

"Hey, I only missed 2 practices, okay? Over-reacting."

"So... what happened? Your girl texted me too."


"'Who?' Really? Dude, you clearly don't like her anymore." Actually to be honest, I was quite confused on who he was referring too. I knew that Caroline was still my girlfriend, but he also called Leena that. So... yeah. "Caroline of course! When was the last time you talked to her?"

"I don't know... I visited  her after we went to gym."

"Three days ago? Where were you by the way man?"

"Uhm... yeah. Something's up. We're moving to another house."

"WHAT?! How far from here?!" He yelled at me. Probably worried that we would be so far away that we couldn't hang out anymore any time we want.

"Not that far! Actually... it's kind of... in Leena's neighborhood."

His eyes widened as I said it. "DUDE. WHAT?!"

"It's like a small apartment home almost in front of their house. Her mom and dad suggested it."

John relaxed a bit. I think he saw that I was a little serious. "Oh. Well, why are you guys leaving?" And this was the question that I've bean dreading to hear. I decided that I would tell him the truth now, not all of it though. Just the main idea. I didn't want to tell him what we were doing, especially because it included Leena and I hanging out together a lot.

"Well, we kind of have a problem with the house. We lost it, the bank took it, so we asked Leena's dad for help. That's why we were always over at Leena's house. OKAY?"

"Ooooh. Now I see. But....", he gave me a huge grin, "... you still like her, right?"

"Really? That's what you're going to say?"

"Come on man. I know you don't want to talk about your fam problems, so  let's talk about this one instead! Are you gonna break up with Caroline?"

I paused for a while. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to hurt Caroline, really. We've been together for almost 2 years now. But it has been so long since she treats me like a freakin' butler. When it comes to Leena, yeah I want to be with her. But I can't. I know I can't. It'll just mess up everything.

"Hellooo. You better make up your mind, or else if you keep acting like that Caroline's gonna notice. And boy, when she's mad, phewww! Good luck, bro. She's even more of a monster when she finds out you like another girl. Even Leena's in danger."

"Thanks for clearly pointing out my problem, man", I said sarcastically.

"No problemo." He patted me on the back. "But seriously man, you're better off without her. I've seen you guys together nowadays, and I don't think you're enjoying it. Take it from your awesome, handsome, talented, smart, and handsome best friend." Ugh... here he goes again.

"You said handsome twice."

"I know."

The End

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