Such A Small WorldMature

As Thea and I have been scouting for food here at the mall, we decided to go back to Starbucks again, we just didn't want to go home yet.

"Girl, we have got to stop doing this. I mean, if we don't, by the time school starts we gon' be obese!", the said stuffing her mouth with a blueberry muffin we just bought at the Muffin Factory.

"Yeah right, I'm seeing a preview right now", I said I eyed her mouth.

"OUCH!", I screamed. Thea kicked me on the knee, and apparently something bumped into my head too. What just happened?!

Thea just started laughing non-stop. Best friends, huh?

"Oh shit, I am so sorry—-", a guys voice said.

"You better watch where you're going or i'll—-", I stopped talking as I saw his face. Shoot, really?! Jeff? We just stared at each other for god knows how long.

"Ooooooooooh, dude! You're dead!", a group of boys behind him yelled.

"Oh, you.", I looked at Jeff. "And.... you?", I looked at one of the boys behind him. Thea noticed him too, I guess that's why she stopped stuffing her mouth with the muffin. It was Zander.

"Wait, you guys know each other?", Jeff asked the both of us. I was just speechless, I mean, what the hell is going on right now? Luckily, Thea broke of the silence.

"Hi, I'm Thea a.k.a best friend. I'll talk to you since my friend here is still processing stuff in her head. For your information, yes, they do know each other, the three of us study in the same school. And you are?", she asked Jeff.

"Oh, Jeff. I'm Leena's... friend. Our dads know each other."

"So I've heard. She told me everything about you!", Thea said with a big smile on her face. Shit.

"Excuse me?!", I asked her immediately. Jeff just smiled. THAT SMILE MAN.

"Okaaay, so I guess we know each other already", Zander said squeezing into the small circle we made, "such a small world, huh?"

"Well, enough about us. How 'bout you guys, you hang out with each other?", I asked looking at Zander and Jeff.

"Oh yeah, Zander just lives across the street from our house", Jeff said pointing at Zander.

"Yeah, we've been hanging out for a pretty long time and—-", Zander stopped and looked at Thea, "Hey! I went to visit your brother a while ago and I forgot my damn phone there. Can I come home with you?"

Aww, look at my best friend having the time of her life. Yep, Zander and her brother were really close. That's why she always scored more moments with him than I did. God, the boys in our neighborhood just happen to know each other, huh?

"Actually, yeah we we're just leaving. Let's go!", Thea said excitedly.

"Hey, I thought we were leaving together? I can't just ride the cab alone!", I said angrily. As much as I love to support the idea of Thea spending time with Zander, I just really can't go home alone.

"Oh no worries, I'll take you home", said Jeff. I suddenly forgot that he was there standing behind us with his other friends. I blushed.

"Oh, that would be great Jeff! Okay, nice seeing you all. Love you, girl, bye. Mwah.", Thea said with a huge smile on her face. Then she suddenly hugged me and whispered to my ear, "Thanks so much, girl. I'll make it up to you promise."

I gave her a sarcastic smile.

"Don't worry she'll be safe with me", Jeff said as he placed his arms around my shoulders. Oh. My. God. "Oh, hey, before we go straight to your house, I gotta drop off my friends first, is that okay?"

"Actually bud, you can go", said one of his friends. Wow, their whole group is just, a group of good looking guys. What the heck. "She's all yours, Jeff", the other guy said patting his back.

Gee, great. Thanks a lot, pal. Jeff was pretty confused too, and kinda nervous.

"Okay, so, are we going now? It's 5 pm already", I asked him.

"Oh, you sure you're not hungry or something?"

"No, not really." Wow, it's the first time we've actually been alone together. And I'm telling you, we were both feeling the awkwardness.

"You sure? Come on, don't be shy. Let's just buy some coffee before we leave", he literally dragged me towards the counter. He asked me what I wanted and I just said i'll have whatever he's having.

He gave me my drink and we went straight to the parking lot. I saw their black Fortuner again. He opened the passenger door for me and then he went inside the driver's

"So wait, is this like, your car already?"

"Haha. Since my dad taught me to drive already, he kind of gave me this one already. He's using his own car now."

"Oh. Wow, at the age of 16 you got a car already and—-", I paused as I suddenly realized that,

"Hold up. You can't still have a driver's license when you're 16?!"

"Yup, I don't."

I stared at him, looking terrified.

"Don't worry, I've been driving since 15."

"And what, no police asked you if you have a driver's license yet?"


We were now heading out of the parking lot, and then just when you just wanted to go home and get out of this situation, it was traffic. Rush hour traffic.We both looked disappointed.

Thankfully, Jeff broke the silence and awkwardness.

"So, you were pretty speechless when you saw Zander", Jeff said while looking straight at the road.

"Nothing, I was just surprised that you know each other. That's all", I said looking out the window so he wouldn't see my tomato-red face. 

"Mhhhmm", he mumbled. I turned to look at him, he still looked straight at the road, with his two hands grasping the wheel.

"So, what were you guys doing at Starbucks?", I said just to change this horrible topic.

"Just hanging out, we've got nothing else to do for the summer. How 'bout you and your friend that looked pretty hungry?", he grinned at me. Finally.

"Ha-ha. We just went shopping for food. It's our thing", I said proudly.

"I can see", Jeff said looking at me from the bottom to the top.

"Oh, what? Now you think I'm fat?", I said with my matching bitch face.

"Woah!", he looked nervous, "I never said that. It's just that you're holding a huge paper bag full of, what are those? Muffins? And also there's a big chocolate bar in your bag."
I looked at what he was describing. Oh yeah, right, obviously. God, is it hot in here?

"But no, you're not fat. Look at you! You look great", he said smiling at me. Finally the traffic was moving now.

I just smiled back. He looked pretty nervous after saying that.

"So is that something you say to every girl to make her feel better after observing and describing her?"

He laughed and punched my shoulder lightly. I can just hear Thea's voice: 'Shoulder brush, girl. He is definitely marking you.'

It turns out, spending time with this guy wasn't really that awkward anymore. I felt really comfortable talking to him after a while. We told jokes, half-meant jokes, and even sarcastic ones, and we just kept laughing our pants off the whole time he was driving. After 30 minutes, we were already near my house. And, wow, can't believe I'm saying this, I wish were stuck in traffic again!

He let me out of the car, and walked me straight to our front door.

"So.... thanks for the ride", I said shyly.

"No problem. It was really fun teasing you."

"'re welcome? Hahahahaha!", we both laughed. Then suddenly my mom opened the door. THANK GOD IT WASN'T DAD.

"Oh! Jeff?", she looked surprised.

"Hi Aunt Cathrine! I just gave her a ride home."

"Yeah mom. I told you before that Thea and I were splitting a cab, but then we saw Jeff and his friends, and apparently one of his friends was Thea's brother's friend, so they went home together since he left his phone at their house. Then Jeff just volunteered to give me a ride home since I can't ride a cab alone. So, now we're here!" WOW. I have clearly said too much. Mom still looked confused, but she thanked Jeff, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Well that's really sweet of you hun! You wanna come inside and have dinner or something? We've got meatbaaaaalls!"

"Oh, no thank you. I actually have to go home now too."

"Aww, well okay. Say your goodbyes now", mom smiled and went inside the house.

"Sure you don't want meatballs?", I asked him while smiling.

"Oh, I love your mom's cooking but I need to go home."

"Haha, okay. Bummer. Well, thanks so much again, I wouldn't know what to do if you didn't take me home. You know what happens to some girls when they ride a cab alone at night."

"Yeah, and I am definitely not gonna let that happen to you."

Ooookay. Here it is, saying goodbye. What should I do? Shake hands? Ugh, that would be too formal. Hug him? That's a little too awkward though. Kiss him on the cheek?

And that's what I did. A friendly kiss on the cheek of course!

"Thanks again, goodnight, take care okay!", I said quickly, waved at him and went inside. GOD, that was pathetic!

I glanced at him and I just saw him smiling and he waved back. And after a minute, I looked out at the window, and his SUV went out on the road.

The End

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