Subway love. :)

Boy in subway, sees girl. Falls in love over a nice sandwich :)

It was the smell of the bread that first pulled him in. The warm, satisfying smell of the freshly baked bread. As he stepped into the shop, his taste buds tingled. He knew what he wanted, even before he got out of the car; he knew. He wanted a Italian BMT, suculent pepperoni, mouthwatering ham and spicy salami. The three of his favourites, all placed perfectly together between softly toasted italian herbs and cheese. Paired with olives, onions, lettuce and pickles. And finally, the piece de resistance, a slight drizzle of mayonaise, and a splash of barbeque sauce. Heaven. To him, nothing tasted better, nothing could ever beat that sandwich.

            As he ordered his meal, the sweet smell of peaches filled his nose and intreguied him. He turned slowly on his heel and saw a beautiful girl. She was tall and willowy, her hair was pink, twisted into gentle dreads. She had eyes like the bluest of skies that twinkled in the lights of the restaraunt.

            She came up behind him and ordered her meal. Her voice was a sweet sound to his ears. He resisted every temptation to speak to her, and sat at a empty table near the window. As he slowly unwrapped his sub, hating himself for resisting her, he looked up to see her standing in front of him, subway and drink in hand. When she asked him if the seat opposite him was free, he felt his head nod, unable to mutter a sound. She sat gracefully on the hard plastic chair and looked up into his eyes.

            He couldnt believe his luck, there he was, with his favourite sandwich, and a stunning, unique girl sat across from him. His mind raced. What were others thinking? Did they think they were together? What was she thinking, what was going on in that beautiful mind.

            She spoke to him about everything she could, desperate to get a reaction from him. Why was he just staring at her. There was something about him, something that she liked, that she couldnt ignore. It was the way he ran his hand through his golden hair, the way he chewed his food with such grace. A pure gentleman.

            He couldnt help wondering what she saw in him, why she chose to sit by him, and no one else. It may have been the fact that the rest of the chairs in the restaraunt were occupied, but he overlooked this minor setback and realised he had finished his meal.

            As he moved his hand forward to collect his rubbish, she reached for his, intertwining her fingers with his. He looked up at her blue eyes, and suddenly the room blurred, no one else mattered. For him, it was only her. His heart beat only for her, and by the look in her eyes, he knew she felt the same.

            The pair slowly raised to their feet, bringing their rubbish to the bins. They left the restaraunt slowly together, her petite, delicate hand in his. This really was, love at first sight, in full bloom.

The End

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