My next home

It was a good job Orion knew where he was going; the combination of snow and the pitch blackness made it impossible for me to distinguish snow banks from trees. 

"Hurry, the beasts are coming." Glancing around at some things I could not see, he picked up the pace and I had to run to keep up with him. 

Suddenly he disappeared and I stumbled around in the darkness, thinking that I had imagined him.

"In here." He called and I made my way a small crack of light.

I found myself standing in a kitchen, perfectly like any others on the outside. 

"Come, sit." He half pushed me in the chair and locked the door behind me, heaving a heavy wooden beam across it too. Soup in a bowl was unexpectedly thrust under my nose and I jumped up to see a woman smaller than me who looked kind and motherly.

"I am Rose. Eat, child." 

Dumbly I nodded and dunked my spoon into the liquid, scolding my tongue but I didn't seem to notice. All the while, Orion sat in a worn arm chair by the fire, his eyes never leaving me. 

"Are you cold?" Rose asked and I stared at her in confusion. Answering me, she looked at my hands.

"Oh, no. Thank you." I clenched my hands into fists, trying not to give away how frightened I was. 

"Orion." She said dismissively, sweeping up my bowl.

"Follow me, Annie." Without looking at me this time, he rose and went up a set of stairs in the opposite room, "This is your room." He said as he swung a door open and ushered me inside, "There are night clothes for you on the bed."

Night clothes? Who, or what, was this boy?

"Thank you, for everything." I smiled shyly.

"I could hardly leave you out there." Still he did not smile or laugh.

"Well I'll see you in the morning."

"Aye, goodnight Annie."

"Goodnight Orion."

The End

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