Nothing was where it should be. Everything was different and there was no light, not then at least. Soon my eyes accustomed to the gloom and I became certain that I was not in england anymore, where I ought to be. I also established that I was outside and that there was someone next to me. That panicked me and I shot to my feet, unaware of the black shapes forming behind my eyes.

"What is your name?" Said a voice so thick that it startled me, it was as if ice had been embedded in his throat.

"Annie." I swallowed, even my name sounded odd in this place.

"I am Orion." Snow crunched as he stood up, I had not realised how cold I was.

"Where are we?" Still conscious that I could not see him, I backed away. 

"Not your home," He laughed at some joke I did not understand, "No one really knows where we are, but we call it Sarin. You, like the rest of us, were taken from your home and placed here; but not before they experiment on you."

I inhaled sharply. Who were they? What experiments did they do to me? Where was my family?

"Come, follow me. I shall take you to my home." His walk was graceful, unlike my stumbling pace and I could tell he was tall. His black hair barely seemed to move in the strong breeze and, stranger, he was not even wearing a coat in that freezing weather. 

The End

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