Substitute Teacher

Dorothy sat in her usual front row seat on the last day of class before college graduation. It also happened to be her favorite subject of fashion design. An unfamiliar face walked into the classroom, introduced himself, then proceeded to begin today's lesson. He looked very young to be a teacher, not too many years older than the students in her class. Glances were exchanged with subtle smiles between Dorothy and the substitute teacher. There was an obvious attraction between them, yet that was not noticed by any of the other students. The last day of class was over and Dorothy learned a lot that day. She was the last student to leave as she approached him. "Hello, my name is Donald, the substitute teacher for a day said. He tutored her that summer and prepared Dorothy for her future job applications at no charge whatsoever. She phoned him a few months later about being hired at a well known firm. The dating continued until year later. That was when they became husband and wife. She designed her own wedding dress as the groom was proud of what he had taught and what she had learned. Lessons not found in textbooks, but instead, matters of the heart. Case in point in a short love story about Dorothy and Donald, who just happened to be a substitute teacher that day...

The End

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