The crowds cheer as you enter the stadium from your warp pipe. They scream "Ma-ri-O!" as you smile and take poses for photos that will likely be on every newspaper tomorrow. The public loves you, and you want to give them what they want.

You see a shiny star in the distance. Kirby arrives on a warp star, ready to fight. You've been friends with the little puffball since you've met him, and you guys always loved a little duel.

You look up at Peach and Zelda, waving at you. Especially Peach. You want to impress her so badly, because you think she's the one. She's the one that you'll cherish all your life, and that's why you save her every year or so.

The announcer says "Ladies and gentlemen! Goombas and Waddle-Dees! Let's start the final showdown of the 2008 Super Smash Bros TOURNAMENT!!!" The audience cheers so loudly that even a deaf person can hear them scream from miles away. "Today we have on our left the 2-time champion from 1999 and 2001, MARIO!!!" You say "Let's-a-go!"

"And on our right, the pink puffball that'll swallow anything, and I MEAN anything, KIRBY!!!" The cute pink brawler says, "Hiii!"

"Alright, the moment you've been waiting for, it's time for the fun to start! 3... 2... 1... GO!"

You start up with an uppercut to your rival's face. He replies with a wooden hammer. And the brawl begins.

You throw a red fire ball and jump in the air. While Kirby dodges it, you quickly did a down-thrust punch and successfully hit him. Kirby uses his super fast punching skills to hit you multiple times. Kirby then does kicks you, but you use blocked it. And while you try to sneak in another fire ball, Kirby swallows you. The crowd cheers

Panicked, you try everything you can to get out, but it doesn't work. Then, he just forcefully puffed you out, leaving you with some tough bruises. Kirby runs away while you chase him on the blue-floored stage.

While he's on the edge of the stage, you do a roundhouse kick and left him falling. However, Kirby just simply flew upwards and kicked you. While he proceeds to punching wildly, you managed to get F.L.U.D. out of your clothes and sprayed him with water, blinding him. You punch him really really hard.

You both stand there, ten feet away, tired. You know this could go three ways.

The End

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