Chapter Two Part Seven

[Tentative first draft.]

The woman known as Asa sat alone in her screen-room, tapping one of her many rings impatiently.

This was not particularly unusual – she was often impatient, as nothing seemed to be done fast enough unless she went out and did it herself, which was usually inconvenient with varying degrees of impossibility.

Having a Target all to yourself might be an occupational hazard, but it was certainly very annoying too.


One of the monitors flicked into life. On the screen was a tallish thin faced woman with tied back dull brown hair and no fringe. She had piercing blue eyes, although a faded scar stood legacy to he fact that one of them no longer functioned as an eye.

"How many times have I told you that my name is not Sanya?"

"More than I've said that it's not Asa either."

"Perhaps you'd understand better if I had your other eye cut out as well."


Well, she liked being called Asa, anyway.

"What is it, Ceithe? You should have a reason for calling, or..." Asa said, leaving the threat hanging in the air.

Ceithe ignored the unspoken words and continued. "Russik's lot requested extra firepower for some plan involving Lotus, fireworks and reason knows what else."

"I see. And you queued it?"

Ceithe averted her eyes from the screen. "Actually, I approved it. Said it was urgent. Had to be done tonight or never."

Asa rested her face on her hand. If things didn't get run past her more often she was going to have to start disposing of people. With her own bullets, if it continued like this.

"Why, Ceithera, are you telling me this when you know I'll have your head blown off for not queuing it?"

The woman on the screen opened her mouth, then shut it, the made a series of noises that sounded like half formed reasons which she was discarding the moment they got to her mouth.


"Don't bother trying to give me a reason. You're lucky. I trust Kerin enough to know she'll not do anything too stupid. At least, you'd better hope so."

Ceithe nodded.

"Sign out and put someone else on comms for tonight. And don't call me without a damn good reason in future."

The screen flashed out, and Asa was left once again alone.

"Or I might have to start putting guns to heads myself..." she murmered at the blank screen.

The End

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