Chapter Two Part Six

The blue light was almost otherworldly. The room would almost have been pretty if it weren't for what went on there.

"You're sure about this?" Ruth asked, looking up from the photo. It was unclear as to whether she was directing her question at Freyre or Mal, so both of them gave a rather ambiguous 'nn' in reply.

"When're the others meeting us here?" asked Trinh. She was a small darkly tanned girl with rich brown eyes, very short white-blonde hair and very little worry for rules or regulations. She was at this point smoking the very last of a cigarette, and since there were no more nearby she would have to do without.

Not that smoking was bad for you. It was just another accessory, like jewellery and bags and whatever else the women of high society carried around with them. But it was at least, Trinh thought, real.

Feathered skin. Jewelled eyes. There was no limit to what you could do outside of reality, where all those who could afford it lived. The thought made the girl shudder internally. She wanted not even what she had, let alone more.

And yet, so manycouldafford it. You paid once, and that was it. No one knew how, but the government had kept up this policy for a millenia, and it wasn't showing any signs of collapsing yet.

"Soon," Freyre told her. He was seriously running out of patience. He was cold, tired and frankly bored. He was considering disappearing off to the wonderful dreamy world of Virtual Reality, but despite the fact that he had enough money to do so, they were attacking the Sanctuary, and he didn't really want to be on the receiving end of that.

The cigarette burnt out, and Trinh threw the smouldering end over the edge of the tower.  

The End

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