Chapter Two Part Five

"Vend coffee."

"Vend cream."

"Here is your cream coffee."

The machine spits out two cups of coffee topped with squirty cream, the result of both coffee and cream being ordered at the same time.

"Vend chocolate powder."

"Vend powdered cinnamon."

The vendor delivers.

"So," Cream says whilst genorously heaping cinnamon powder onto her drink. "You got a girlfriend? Tell. Who is she?"

"Shut up," complains Coffee, covering everything in the vicinity of his mug in powdered chocolate. "I have a new friend. Who is a girl. Stop being so mean."

Cream makes a face. "Naw, I was hoping for something more interesting. You're so boring, Coffee."

"I'm not boring! You get bored too easily. It's not my fault."

"You keep telling yourself that."

"It's true!"

"Mmhm," says Cream, somehow managing to be sarcastic through a mouthful of coffee.

The End

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