Chapter Two Part Four

 "Fireworks?" Ruth looks incredulously at the unknown boy who has started to be known as Malcolm, for some unknown reason. "You want to try and blow up part of the Sanctuary with fireworks?"

"No," he says, looking down, "I want to try to blow up part of the Sanctuary with a bomb. The fireworks are for cover so no one gets suspicious."

"That is not going to work in a million years."

"Shut up, Freyre."

Freyre raises one blonde eyebrow, but says nothing. His opinion doesn't seem to count very much anymore.

"I have a better idea," he says finally, after a few minutes of awkward silence.

"Speak, then."

"Lotus's always sending drugs to the Centre to be tested, 'case they're lethal or whatever. So we could, say, redirect it..."

"You're suggesting we steal probably deadly drugs from the second most secure place known to man, and then somehow get intothemost secure place known to man and kill off a load of people that way?"

"Pretty much."

Ruth stares at him. "Not bad."

"And what do we do with the explosives?" Malcolm said, looking sulky.

Serenity answers the quiet in her husky, disused voice.

"We break out the Centre, of course."

The End

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