Chapter One Part Three

"Hey, Kai-"

Kai clearly isn't aware of Mandy standing directly behind him, because he jumps when she speaks, causing the Shrine Maiden to get hit by a sudden wave of bullets. He turns round, irritated, as the words 'GAME OVER' flash up.

"Having trouble?"

"What do you want?" he snaps.

"Well, sorry for disturbing the clearly world changing game, but I'm meeting Sarah in ten. I need to you quit your bullet hell and help me land the house."

"Since when did I help you with that? What happened to Pumpkin? And why can't you just use a ladder like last time?"

"Pumpkin's still in her room. I don't know whether she's asleep or not, but frankly if she is then I would waste time checking. And we need to land anyway for the meeting at five-whenever, and the parade thing at midnight. So. Quit your game and give a hand."

Kai makes a frustrated snorting sound and quits the game.

"Since when does this take two people?" he asks, shoving the computer at the wall with more force than necessary. There is a slight bang as goes through a hole and hits something, before the wall folds back over it again.

"Since the auto-lander broke."

"Since when was that broken?"

"Stop saying 'since when', and perhaps you spilling tea all over it might have had something to do with it?"

"That was your tea!"

"You were holding it at the time, though."

The End

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