Part III

Zelos anxiously tapped his foot against his desk leg. His professor walked around the room passing back marked exams. Zelos’ heart pounded against his chest. He was eager to finish up his classes. The prospect of knowing whether the time machine exists was too much for Zelos to handle. He desperately wanted access to that time machine.

Zelos looked up at Amer. He had just gotten his test back. Amer looked back at him after glancing at his mark and gave Zelos a thumbs up. Now, Zelos had a good feeling that he had gotten a good mark. He and Amer had been studying for two weeks together.

“Zelos,” The professor shoved his exam papers in Zelos’ direction. Zelos quickly grabbed them with a smile. He knew that he had done well on this exam. Or at least he thought that he did. Comp sci came so naturally to him that it was only logical that he aced it. He looked up at his professor’s face. It harden with disappointment. “See me after class, Zelos.”

Dread quickly swept over Zelos. He looked over his test mark. A red F was sprawled on to the right hand corner. His eyes widen. An F? How? All the coding questions were so easy. Zelos’ throat went dry. There has to be some mistake.

The bell sounded the end of class. Everyone scampered out of the classroom, Zelos was following close behind the crowd.

                “Ahem. Zelos, don’t forget we need to talk.” The professor’s strong voice broke through the crowd’s noise.

Zelos gave a small nod.

                “Professor Vlad, look ther-“

                “Stop, I know what you’re about to say. You’re most likely going to tell me that your mark was a mistake. That you studied very hard for this exam. Whatever you’re about to say I have heard it all already. Save your breath.”

                Zelos opened his mouth to reply but the Professor Vlad continued on.

                Vlad shot Zelos a look. “Tsk tsk, honestly, I expected more of you. You were my best student, now look at this junk. An F? Seriously, Zelos? I thought you were serious in to becoming a hacker.” Vlad sighed in his hands. “You know what? It’s that notion of yours. You actually believe this university has a time machine. Pathetic, you’re chasing a fantasy Zelos. Just a fantasy.”

                Zelos hung his head in shame. He pressed his lips to a fine line. “I know it’s true. It’s true and I’ll find out today.” He muttered under his breath.

                “What was that boy? Is that sass, huh? After all I did for you and your sister?”

                “N-no, sir. No…”

                “Damn right. Now get out of here. And if you fail another one of my exams, I’ll kick you out of my class. You are dismissed. Get out.”

The End

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