Part II

Zelos walked through the hallway, his jet black hair was dripping wet. He roughly rubbed his fluffy towel on his head. Zelos body radiated with lingering heat from his shower. Stretching out his arms, he released a yawn. His eyes glistened from the yawn.

                  “Hey Zelos!” A voice called out.

Zelos turned back to see his close friend Amer, jogging towards him.

                  “Hey, what’s up?”

Amer patted Zelos’ shoulder. “Didn’t see you at the party last night. Was CRAY-ZIE. Should have been there, dude. The chicks were so drunk. Easy pickings.”

                “Eh, was busy,”

                “Bah, even nerds need a break sometimes too,” Amer flashed a grin at Zelos. Zelos couldn’t help but to return it.

                “Did you score with anyone?” Zelos knew Amer was popular with the ladies. He always had a new one every month.

                “SO CLOSE. That Lynn just keeps blowing me off.”

                “Gasp! You mean, Lynn hasn’t fell for your charming personality, yet?”

                Amer ran his hand through his dark chocolate curly hair and let out a sigh. “Not yet, bro,”


Amer nudged Zelos. “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!”

                “Haha, nothing!” Zelos stuck his tongue out.

A couple of freshman boys ran passed Amer and Zelos; they were laughing and giggling about something that went on at breakfast. Zelos’ stomach growled, reminding him that he hasn’t had any food yet. He had also skipped dinner to study more for his physics class. Zelos wrapped his right arm around his stomach. I gotta remember to eat today.

                “Whoa! Are you keeping a dino in your stomach? That was crazy loud. Even the man on the moon heard that.” Amer joked.

                “Haha, shush. Humans don’t need food.”

                “Haha, whatever you say dude. Just make sure you don’t die on me. Where else will I find a great study buddy and best friend like you? Speaking of which, we better get our test marks back today.”

Zelos raised his left eyebrow and turned to face Amer. “You sound oddly excited. Is there a reason why?”

“Hell yeh, Lynn and I made a bet, if I aced that comp sci exam then she would go out on a date with me.” Amer flashed another grin at Zelos. His brown eyes lit up with mischief.

                Zelos let out a gasp. “Is that why you were studying so hard for that exam?”

Amer nodded.

                “And here I thought you were actually taking initiative and turning over a new leaf.”

Zelos looked at Amer. Amer looked back and they both laughed. They both knew that Zelos was the studious one and there was no way that Amer would ever care for superb grades.

                “Hey, if it gets me Lynn then maybe that’s what I gotta do man!”

A crowd of people down the hallway called out to Amer. Amer waved back and turned to face Zelos.

                “I’ll see you in class, Zelos! Don’t forget to eat, dude! I’m serious! I’ll kill you if you forget again!”

Zelos gave him a smile. “I’ll try not to.”

The End

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