Part I

A knock interrupted Zelos’ thoughts, dragging him back to reality. He looked up from his desk. Open textbooks, papers, and pens littered across his desk. Zelos was studying for his physics class. Sighing, he rubbed his face with his hands and slowly got up, dragging his feet as he sauntered towards the door.

His door creaked as he opened his door. There was no one.

Zelos stared down the hallway. Nothing. He looked in the other direction towards the living area. The guys were still there partying it up.

It was probably one of them. Zelos rolled his eyes. Drunken bastards. Probably thought it was, oh, so funny to knock ditch the entire hallway. Zelos looked at his door to asset any damages.

There, he saw it. A rolled up scroll with a silver dagger stabbed through it, holding the scroll up. Zelos felt a deep sinking feeling in his stomach, but he was quick to brush it off.

Yanking the dagger out of his door, he carefully detached the scroll. Zelos made sure that he did not tear the delicate paper. He re-entered his room, quietly shutting his door. The intricate dagger felt icy against Zelos’ warm palm. It was light compared to the other daggers he had held.

Its blade caught the light with further inspection. Zelos fingered the smooth hilt in deep thought. Why use a dagger to pin up a scroll? They could have just slipped the scroll under the door. His finger ran over an engraving. He brought the dagger closer. It was an engraving of a bird. Its detailed wings wrapped around the hilt.

Looks like a nightingale. Hmm, I should research it later. After placing the dagger precariously on top of his leaning towers of books, Zelos unrolled the scroll. It read:

                We know.

You have been searching in the legend of the time travel facilities. We have been watching you. After much discussion we have deemed you ready. Ready to know. We will contact you again.

Zelos took a step back. His heart leaped out of his chest. It is true? Does it really exist? Can I really go back and fix my mistakes? A loud thump startled Zelos. His heart was still fluttering. Was this the invitation?

He took the new dagger and note back in his room. This time the dagger was black, but still held the same engravings in the hilt. Zelos quickly unraveled the note. It read:

               Tomorrow, Ricken Plaza, 4pm.

Zelos rubbed his eyes, and groaned. Out of all the places to meet up, they had to pick the most deserted place on campus. Lovely, even the devil worship club members avoid that area. It’s just something about that area is just so unvisited. Sighing, he plopped on his bed, holding up the note in the light. If it will bring her back, I must do this. I must right my wrongs. 

The End

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