One New Start Always Needs An Ending To Start From

An Elven story.

“Isn’t Stybeque perfect Kiriah?” Saidik said to his wife. He picked up the child in his arms; he moved the soft blanket off the boys face. He looked adoringly into his eyes, but his face dropped. “No… It can’t be.” Kiriah, his partner looked up at him confused “What? What do you mean?” Saidik shook his head and gave a concerning glance to his beloved. He passed him back down to where Kiriah was sitting. “But you said it was just a myth… he can’t be… your blood line is too old to be able to…” Saidik placed a finger over her soft pink lips and nodded.  “I thought it was impossible… but it must have been your human blood that has awakened the spirit in him… We must keep him hidden, and his eyes, need to be hidden, they will tell all of what lies inside him to others.” Kiriah ripped a piece of her scarf off, and placed it over his face. It would come off… so it had to be stitched to him, it was the only way.

They couldn’t keep Stybeque quiet forever, the word got out. Human and Elven mate, abomination child created. Kiriah left her child for Saidik to care for, as she valued her own life more than her own child’s. She became part of the mob that despised this creature and the father.

“Now Stybeque… Don’t let anyone push you around; you’re perfect as you are. A young fellow in this forest, such as you, will get far, trust me. Don’t let yourself forget that. You are a bright young soul, capable of anything you could ever want, but only if you try hard enough. I know you can do it. Now, I have to go… You two are all that I have. Stay in the forest, with Coprenthia, she will look after you, she knows what to do. I have to go; daddy loves you very much… Goodbye.”

These were the last I ever heard from my father. I never knew where he went, but all I knew was that he was never coming back.

The End

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