Taken Hostage

"I'd recognize that stupid looking face from anywhere!" said one of the robbers. All i was really focusing on was the fact that there was a gun walking towards my direction. 

"Everyone!" Shouted the robber, spitting spittle at me. "I want to introduce a person to you. This is the man, who made me rob shops."

"What are you talking about?" I asked incredulously. 

"I know you don't know me, friend, but you stupid looking face was an inspiration to me. Let me tell you my story, while I have all of your attention.

"Around a few years ago, when this man had a younger, but still stupidly looking face, he was serving behind a counter, in a shop just like this. I was sat in a traffic jam, when I got distracted by him. 

"How can a face look so stupid!? I kept repeating that sentence to myself. I tried pulling a face in the mirror, to see if I could match it's stupidity. I couldn't. At all. Not even close. I could not believe it. Why the hell would anybody employ somebody who looked so stupid? 

" I was in a reverie. At this point, the traffic had moved on, and people were beeping behind me. They realised it would be quicker to move on, as I had no intention of moving away from such a stupid looking face. I took a photo of your face on my phone."

He threw me his phone, and I decided instead of looking for the picture, I should try to remember his mother's mobile number.

"Well, yeah, I was sat there. I sent that photo to everyone I know, back in texas. Later on, everyone came to the conclusion that you were officially the most stupid looking person that we collectively had laid our eyes on. But that doesn't matter. A car drove into the side of me. 

"I spent hundreds of days, trying to heal from that incident. I vowed, after waking up in the hospital, to see your face again. It was so wonderfully stupid. It was an inspiration to get me back up to health. 

"But, I digress. I am now robbing this store, because I need to find a way to pay for my hospital bills, which you have accidentally been my downfall. The main reason i decided to rob Stores like this one was because of you, too, for this one reason. 

"Anyone who is stupid enough to hire someone who looked as stupid as you were clearly not responsible enough to own all of that money which i have now got in my bag. Hey, guys!" He started to talk to everyone else. "Have you ever seen everyone as stupid as this?"

All of the people on the floor muttered in negative. The Robber decided to grab me. "You are going to be a part in paying my hospital fees, if you like it or not."

"Okay! Were you jokng when you said that nobody looked as stupid as I do?"

"They were not even close."


It took me a long time, but I suddenly had a thought of abnormal ingenious. I spoke to the robber.

"You know you said you tried to copy my stupid looking face? Can I see your attempt?"

The End

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