Robber in a mask

...there was a sudden commotion at the doors and the alarm began to blare. I was the center of attention when the alarm began and so for some reason, everyone glared at me as if I had set it off!

I could feel them all judging me, as if I had set the alarm off with my stupid looking face--as if the surveillance cameras had spotted me at the checkout and didn't like the looks of me. What nobody was paying attention to though, was the masked man with the gun, hurriedly passing cloth bags to his partner.

I pointed with wide eyes but I must have been gaping, and so all eyes were pulled into my giant mouth. I gurgled, but for some reason no words could form.

The man at the checkout gave me an incredulous stare as if I had just turned into an alien. Then he slowly tore his eyes from my face and looked over his shoulder. The other cashiers were on the ground, hiding behind their counters, and the few customers who had seen the robbery were huddled in a group. The cashier turned back to me and gave me such a stare of reproach that I felt I would collapse where I stood into a heap of shameful dust. Then, as if it were all my fault, the cashier slowly got down on his knees like everyone else.

Then the worst part of the whole story occurred.

The robbers noticed my stupid looking face.

And they waved.

The End

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