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After recieving praise for my other story With Thanks to Dave I decided to write another because i'm off of school. Stupid cold. I'm straight but am enjoying writing from a different perspective so maybe i'll do more of these :) Enjoy please rate comment.

Damn that stupid, monstrous alcohol! What is it about me that make me the only one I’ve ever met who reacts to alcohol like the world’s most powerful truth serum? Why is it that from the moment the first drop touches my lips I am completely and utterly unable to lie. I don’t react in any other ways; I can walk in a straight-line until the 10th drink, talk normally and remember everything the next day. I am just unable to lie.


So naturally when I went around to a friend’s house for a birthday sleepover you’d think I’d be careful. No, there I was having a cider. Stupid damned cider. And then, predictably I know, the others decided a game of truth or dare was apt.


So we all sat in a circle. I chose dare for the first few turns, being forced to hop up and down for 5 minutes, take of my top for the rest of the game and kiss one of the three girls there. The logic behind this was that when the dares got more hazardous to reputation or indeed general life I wouldn’t be mocked for picking truth. And of course the dares got worse, one guy was forced to strip to his underwear for the rest of the night and another was forced to expose a personal part of his anatomy for a minute. Predictable stuff but still.


So when my turn came I picked truth and the slightly more drunk guy asking the majority of the questions mumbled out “Ok Luke, Who, who, who u fanzi?????????”

Shit. There were eight of us in our little gang, three girls and five guys. We were all in the same lessons and were a big group which gave us all a boost in the leviathan of the school social status system.


This question could be answered truthfully by practically anyone else; they could tell the truth, lie or say ‘No one’. But not me. Stupid damned cider! We were all 15 and I had known for some years that I was bi, but hadn’t told anyone. I’d fancied girls and boys before but had never acted on the guys before. It was just my luck that at the point when that question was asked my thoughts had been lingering of the guy sat beside me for the last few weeks.


His name was Paul, six foot two and a stunning body. Blonde hair and light, ocean blue eyes. He had a lean body that hinted tastily at firm muscles underneath. In other words he didn’t have the six pack but had the line hinting at it. He too had been forced topless and I had glanced once or twice guiltily at his smooth hairless body.


Tu, short for tulip, snorted into her Kronenburg “Don’t be silly it’s obvious he fancies Paul, haven’t you seen his eyes tonight. Like magnets to Paul’s chest.”


The others laughed as I furiously fought of the alcohol induced blush. Stupid alcohol. “Serious?” one of the girls asked “You fancy Paul Luke?”


Ah, a direct question. Bugger. I managed to fight the urge to say yes long enough to grunt. The others laughed again and there was a chorus of “Well that’s a yes!” Paul had gone beetroot red and we were studiously avoiding looking at each other. Luckily the alcohol made the group move on to other stuff fairly quickly and I avoided any more embarrassment.


I was walking home around eleven the next day, it was quite sunny. Something was wrong with the nice day though. Something, a noise. I looked behind me. Footsteps? I looked around but seeing nothing carried on my walk home. Then I was rugby tackled into a bush. There were four bushed in a square on the lusciously green lawn. It was your stereotypical perfect street. Big, white houses. White fences. Like a scene from desperate housewife’s.


I was practically thrown into the bushed, forced through to the small square in the middle. I had a glimpse of blonde hair before someone’s lips were sucking my face off. I could guess it was a male and the feel of their weight on top of me with their knee between my legs felt perfect. The snog was fierce and passionate but sweet and soft at the same time.


We broke apart and I stuttered out “Paul?” All I got was a shush. I don’t know how long we lay there kissing before Paul stood up grinned and left.



We’ve been together for a year and a half now and most people now. There are always ignorant people but we brush them off. The rest of our group paired off, me and Paul and the three other guys and the three other girls had all paired as well.


God I love alcohol!

The End

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