Fall Back

Ms. Emily Drury Mrs. Eric Dunlop

Associate Manager of Employee Services

Human Resource Department



RE: Eric Dunlop




I found that note of yours in Eric's satchel last Saturday.


Whoever you are, don't think I don't know what you're doing. You will not steal away my boyfriend, however desirable he may be; count on that. In fact, thanks to you, I'm in a right mind to suggest to Eric that we get engaged. Immediately. He wouldn't dare object.


Eric is the love of my life, and this little game of interference that you're attempting to play will not change that fact. Let me tell you that you play the game poorly indeed, by the way. Thanks to my interest into your affair, my research has already determined that there's no real information on who you are. But I do know what you are, as of now.


I had no idea the competition would be so bold as to go after Eric as soon as that. We'd just noticed him last month, and it was fortunate that I was in place to begin a relationship with Eric. To think that you'd come along just weeks into our courtship is unbelievable, but I bet my first date outshone yours. He took me to eat in The Oriole's Nest.


Count this as my first and last warning to you. Do not attempt to contact Eric ever again. I will be monitoring your every move, commencing now; rather, my servitor will report your actions to me, but regardless I'll be aware if you try to make a pass at my to-be fiance.




P.S. Don't be fooled by this official office letterhead. You won't find me - or my employers - as easily as that. 

The End

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