The Sweep

Eric, my secretive friend:


You may not know me, but I know you. In fact, I know more about you then you'd ever imagine. I know where you're slipping off to at three in the morning every Tuesday night. I know why you skip work on Thursday mornings. I know what your real income is.

But do not fret, my clever little friend. I will not give your secret away. I know how valuable secrets are. Instead, I am going to offer you a deal. I will make sure that your dealings do not surface as the fuel for the fight. What fight you ask?

Eric, my innocent entrepreneur, you only know the beginning to this business you're diving into. Believe it or not, you have competition. Serious competition. And in this invisible sector of business, the laws too are invisible.

Let me introduce you to the Elite. The Elite is a group of like-minded individuals, who claim to be the sole controllers of this most secretive trade. And in a trade where secrets are the gold, they will suck the truth out of their sources like leeches. And that is why I am not on their side. That is why I scan the horizons for newcomers, so that I may sweep them up before they get hurt.

And that is why I offer you this deal. Join me or return to the everyday work force. It's not worth it to do it alone. You're good kid, you're clever, but when you're after knowledge, experience is the only way to get it.

Think well on this, and reply as soon as you can. You know the cute girl from the cafe that you smile at everyday? Her name is Lucille; pass your message off to her. And one more thing--keep your mouth shut and don't bother talking to her.


The Sweep

The End

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