Recent Acquisition

So, young Dunlop:

Let me tell you where I have been the past three days. I was not chanelling my sick days towards an illicit vacation, as the rest of your fellow workers seem to think. Rather, I was conducting an evaluation of all our employee reviews.

That was a pleasant silence, wasn't it? You may start breathing again.

I can list in vast detail what your profile said about you. Your clients have found you unresponsive - you don't follow-up with their questions for hours at a time, though you at least follow through with their trade requests - you're withdrawn yet arrogant at the same time, and you take inordinate risks with our customers' money.

There, don't deprive yourself of air again. I'm not finished yet.

As I was saying, you take inordinate risks with our customers' money. Somehow, miraculously, these risks always pay off. You've accumulated over $2 million in total for the 25 couples you were assigned this year, ranking you as the third best stockbroker in our company. That is something to be impressed by.

I heard - today, at the start of my first day back in office - that you've recently invested heavily in an upstart new business called New Products Inc. Your choice doesn't have a very fortuitous name, in fact it's rather vague, but based on your track record I expect that you'll be making me a lot of money in the next month. I've put a personal stake in this, ah, New Products Inc. as well. I'm getting old, and I thought I'd rely on your judgement this once.

I'd like very much for you to meet me for lunch this afternoon, so you can provide me with an overview of information on this gamble, just the same as you'd do for any of our other clients. My secretary should be sending directions to The Open, so let's set the time for 1 pm, shall we?

I hope you'll dazzle me.


The End

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