Stuff To do When Your Bored 1

Like the title says this will give you 110 ideas of things to do when bored.

1. Wax the ceiling.

2. Give your cat a Mohawk.

3. Knight yourself.

4. Vacuum your lawn.

5. Sleep on a bed of nails.

6. Boil ice cream.

7. Mow your carpet.

8. Have your pillow X-Rayed.

9. Calmly have a nervous break down.

10. Give your Goldfish a perm.

11. Plant a shoe.

12. Sweat.

13. Test your hamster’s IQ.

14. Write a letter to your computer.

15. Take your sofa for a walk.

16. Find a witch and burn her at a stake.

17. Go to a funeral and tell jokes.

18. Copy everything what anyone says.

19. Weld your car door shut.

20. Teach your pet rock to play dead.

21. Be a monk for a day.

22. Arrest a piece of chalk.

23. Throw marshmallows at a poster of Johnny Depp.

24. Adopt strange mannerisms.

25. Stack crumbs.

26. Keep your toenail clippings.

27. Chew on a sofa cushion.

28. Swear in Russian.

30. Interview your feet.

31. Research fungi.

32. Stick used bubblegum on your Granny.

33. Unscrew all the light bulbs in your house.

34. Put a “May contain milk” sticker on a carton of milk.

35. Ask for a dry martini, shaken not stirred.

36. Plan a mutiny.

37. Drink prune juice.

38. Play table tennis in a sauna.

39. Stand outside a cemetery and ask where the cemetery is.

40. Recite romantic poetry to your toaster.

41. Go to McDonalds and pretend you don’t speak English.

42. Give a lecture on the historical significance of cream cheese.

43. Debate politics with a cactus.

44. Listen to a painting.

45. Paint all your underwear orange.

46. Build a pyramid using snails.

47. Ask a pogo stick what kind of crisp flavour it likes.

48. Apply for a Unicorn hunting licence.

49. Take a fire hydrant on a roller coaster with you.

50. Pretend to be blind.

51. Apologize to a fork.

52. Hand out leg warmers to complete strangers.

53. Cheer up a potato.

54. Harness chipmunk powers.

55. Mug a stop sign.

56. Change your name and confuse people.

57. Go for a walk in your attic.

58. Challenge your neighbour to a duel.

59. Memorize the dictionary.

60. Stomp on grape in a bathtub.

61. Karate chop a loaf of bread.

62. Outsmart your shadow.

63. Tattoo a lampshade. 

64. Befriend a bowling ball.

65. Talk to your earlobes.

66. Get run over by a train of thought.

67. Make up famous sayings.

68. Verbally abuse a turnip.

69. Place a picture of a microwave in ever room of your house.

70. Try to ignite water.

71. Wallpaper the laundry room with The Yellow Pages.

72. Paint your tortoise’s nails a vibrant pink.

73. Re-establish the Roman Empire in a pond.

74. Get your dog braces.

75. Shave a shrub.

76. Watch a car rust.

77. Learn to type with your toes.

78. Set up your Christmas tree in April.

79. Give the kiss of life to a dodo.

80. Kick a cabbage.

81. Sandpaper a mushroom.

82. Starch your shoes.

83.  Polish a cockroach.

84. Climb a pavement.

85. Sharpen a carrot.

86. Interrogate a gerbil.

87. Kidnap a celebrity.

89. Scalp a streetlight.

90. Read a lime.

91. Ask a paper clip what the time is.

92. Think about clouds.

93. Play tiddlywinks with a chair.

94. Play basketball in a minefield.

95. Cook a parrot.

96. Throw a tomato into a fan.

97. Argue with a DVD.

98. Grease all the doorknobs in your house.

99.  Tie your shoelaces together.

100. Develop hearing problems.

101. Pretend you’re a telephone.

102. Play hopscotch with a map of your town.

103. Put baby oil on the floor.

104. Declare war.

105. Wink at a handbag.

106. Find Atlantis.

107. Eat Spam.

108. Write your name in mustard all over the street.

109. Ask everyone who you see what his or her name is.

110. Contemplate the meaning of life.


The End

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