What caused it allMature

After my mother married Jake he took up all her time, she was never alone with me all of our habit's and traditions were broken. i hadn't been to see a play  or anything since my seventh birthday.Whenever i mentioned it it seemed like Jake would pop up and give me the evil eye. i was terrified to say anything, i had no friends because i never need them, i had my mom. School became a safe haven away from my problems i was always a loner and i never had to try.

My mom told me that Nana was a bad influence so i only got to see her once a month with supervision, Jake had made my mother not trust her. that was one of the time i felt truly alone , i had no one, i missed being with my mom it had been about  three years , and it was if she pretended i didn't exist. I was almost eleven and i finally decided that i wanted to be with my mom i wanted  things to be could like they did before.

It was around six in the evening , i figured i had a few minuets before Jake got home so i decided that i wanted to ask my mom why we never spent time together.

" Mom can we talk for a second."

" sure honey but make it quick i want to get dinner ready before Jake comes home." she said it with a smile like she hasn't turned into so house wife from the fifties, hello it's 2009.

"okay but how come we never get to spend time together anymore. Remember how great it was before Jake showed up we had fun, and you never forgot about me or pushed me to the background."

" Sweet heart you r over reacting, if it makes you feel better well plan a day were we can all hand out okay?"

" when you say all you mean just me and you right."

" No that's not what i mean."

" Some then me you and Nana."

" Olivia i mean Jack, you and , i as a family, i mean he is your father."

" no he isn't by law he is my step father nothing more, and does nothing, and i hate him." i said in a lifeless angry tone.

" well i see that you don't want to cooperate, so i will have to send you to your room with no super."

i turn around and find Jake standing there looking stupid as usual. my mom states that she's going to the store and asked Jake to go and talk to me, so that we can "bond". I walk right past him without saying a word , i hold my head up high and march out of the room. He is following me, he hangs back a few steps like the creep that he is.i get to my room and shut the door in his face. I have apparently outraged him, he busted trough my door.

"i have no words to say to you so if you would so kindly exit my room i would be happy so that i would no longer have to see your face."

Again i pissed the bastard off with my smart ass attitude, he barged in and slapped me on my face knocking down, i lifted my head up and looked at him. i started laughing which confused, God was he stupid or what.

" What you such a wimpy that you gotta beat up eleven year old girls, damn your weak, no i see why you must have to keep all that extenze, oh wait you didn't know i knew did you. boy do you look angry" Then i just laid back on the floor face up and continued laughing.

" i told your mother that you needed some discipline so i guess I'm just gonna have to give it to you." he said.

" you lay a finger on me-" i couldn't finish my sentence because he had kicked me in my stomach, twice so far. He pulled his belt off holding the tip so that i would end up being hit by his iron buckle. i turned over on my back.  He stuck down hard, it hurt more than anything, but i laughed.

It seemed like it went on for ever, but it must have only been a minute, the whole time i laughed to keep from crying. Which pissed him off, i could feel the blood running down my back., The one thing i remember was what he did next.

"You want to laugh, well laugh at this." he sat on top of me and took it iron buckle, and hit me up side the head, then he took the side of it and dug it into my back about and inch think he made random designs, i laughed once he was done he choked me until i almost passed out. The he told me to clean myself up so that i was presentable, he said if i said another word he would make sure that i wouldn't be laughing next time.

I walked into my bathroom and stripped down i looked at my self in the mirror my back would have scares, the sight of it scared me, my back looked like a tiger had chewed me up. that's when i vowed that i would find a way to leave and make things right again, but sometimes things never happen that way.


The End

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